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  1. Hi Iwaku!

    My name is Phoenix and I just joined today and thought I might as well let you know I exist!
    Okay, so some basic stuff about me. I'm female and I'm 24 years old, so as far as the internet is concerned I'm ancient *g*.

    I haven't actually done a lot of roleplaying, but I have about ten years of experience with solo writing! I know I still have a lot of improving to do and I hope I can learn a lot here.
    My favorite genre... hm, I'm partial to horror and crime stuff, mafia and the like, but I also love some good old fashioned romance once in a while. I'm also into fantasy, I guess that one's left over from my time in the Lord of the Rings fandom...

    Well, since I haven't done a lot of roleplaying I can't really tell you what kind of characters I like to play, but I do like to write damaged characters with mental or physical limitations, but I also love... well, all kinds of characters as long as they are unique in some way!

    Well, that's difficult, but I think I like wolf packs the most. Or space kittens. Can't decide XD

    Hope we have a good time. :)
  2. Welcome to the site. I'm not ancient in internet years, but I've been around for a while.

    Hope you find some awesome rps to join here.
  3. Thank you, October. I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.