Greetings to Iwaku

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  1. Hello I waku ^.^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! :D
    If you need help with anything don't be scared to ask.
  3. yaa welcome to Iwaku
  4. Hi Jcp!

    Me Waku too! ^^

    Have a cookie.
  5. For some weird reason when I looked at your user I thought of JC Penny >. < Lol Ima call you JCPY! xD I am Rina or Raimy. Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. *Squints*

    .... ARE YOU A ROBOT? O___O What does JCP and 1195 stand for?

    Welcome to Iwaku? 8D
  7. I read your name as JC Penny.
    Are you a place of retail?
    Is the 1195 a store number?
    I am putting all my chips on my guess being correct! No one bet against me!

    Ahem. If you need any help, please do ask for it!
  8. Hello Jay See Pee One One Nine Five! Welcome to Iwaku, land of RP aplenty.