Greetings September!

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Normally I post my beginning of the month review in the staff forum, but this month I decided to share my stats with the whole community! :D You might "What does all of this matter?" but they're a great representation of how great Iwaku is doing and where we might need work.


In August we have 28 new members join! That's up from 20 in July and 14 in June!

Out of those 28 new members, 16 became active posting members! Welcome to the site, you guys! We're glad you stuck around and we hope you continue to stay. <3

POSTS in August are down to 5620 from 9348, yet there's been plenty of great activity in the roleplay sections and in General. Maybe the spam count is lower? ;D We love it when there's less spamming and more roleplaying!

15 Roleplays started in August. That's a lot of great storylines. You should check out the OOCs and see if there's something waiting for you.

Even though the post count was down, activity during August seemed even better than ever. This is because people have been so thrilled with all of the cool ROLEPLAYS that popped up! Thanks to our awesome new faces, tons of sweet plots and characters are rolling in to the roleplay area. For all of you roleplay lurkers afraid to jump in to something; Your time is NOW. There's no better way to get back in to roleplaying than meeting some new people. It's exiting and challenges your muse!

The *gasp* drama radar has been on orange alert, but I want to give a shout out to all of our staff members and regular members that have handled these situations with class and grace! <3 It makes your Administration very proud to run a community with such great members. :D Kudos to you guys.

Member from the DeeAAAddd have been rising up from the grave and rejoining Iwaku! Welcome back ye olde faces of the past! <3 Whether you're just dropping by to give a quick hello or have returned to play again, we're happy to be reunited with old friends and catch up!

Members are finally starting to realize that the blogs are an AWESOME way to store character bios and plot information for easy access. And if you snoop, you can even find people's articles on game reviews, roleplaying tips, stories, or thoughtful notes! It's well worth a read.

What Iwaku NEEDS!
As always bring me your newbies! These fresh faces have been so good for Iwaku. :D They've given us cool new ideas and have even lured oldies back in a desire to play. We can never have enough new friends. If you visit other roleplay sites INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! Post out URL in their advertisement sections! Share your roleplay plots on roleplay ad-sites! Don't forget to vote for us in the Top Site lists too. Every vote helps advertise Iwaku.

Never forget post in the roleplays! We're a roleplaying community and we're all here to get lost in other worlds. Keep up with your roleplays and be a reliable player. It's rewarding and super fun! <3

We'd love some more participation in Writers & Artists Corner. Your staff have been posted workshop challenges, and your fellow members have been posting their content up for comment and reviews. Stop by to give a shoutout or help improve your own skills.

As the summer season comes to a close and we enter in to the fall season, people are going to be getting busy with school and holidays. This past summer has been fantastic for Iwaku and we hope that we can continue this period of goodness through the fall and winter. <3 We're so thrilled at Iwaku's success. Let's show our Roleplay Forum Competition that there's no community more sweet than Iwaku! :D

May the muse be with you!
I have found the performance of the members....

.... acceptable.
Oh we don't have to execute one as an example.
So no killing a goat this year? :(
....Yes, yes we can.