Greetings, Salutations and Awkward Silences!

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  1. Hello!

    I recently signed up to the site and so thought i would post a thread informing you all of this fact! are my IRL stats:

    Name: Joe
    Age: 31 (feeling old :/)
    Location: UK, Essex
    Hobbies: Games (computer, roleplay board, card, etc!), Films, Music (mainly metal with flashes of other stuff), Laughin until i can't breathe, recovering....and then laughing again.

    I'm brand new to the site, but been playing games since a young age, started off being obsessed with computer games (still am actually), and started playing D&D with a group of good friends from the age of 15 onwards. Those friends (and myself) eventually all moved away to various places, 2 of them decided to go across the pond to America and so we started playing D&D using Virtual Tabletop. They then strongarmed me (it didn't take much effort) into joining this site!

    I have been playing 'obscure' board games for the past few years, eurogames and the such - ranging from the epic 6 hour game of Rune Wars to the always enjoyable game of mistrust and deciet that is Avalon

    Anywho, that's a brief intro to myself - feel free to reply to this topic or message me with love, hate or indifference depending on your personal preference and/or mood at the time!

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  2. Hiya Psykowz. I am also obsessed with computer games, and it is always terrible and glorious when Steam has a sale. I always spend more money than is reasonable.

    We've also got a D&D group on here and people that play occasionally. I believe they've actually setup a game night that happens each week. Here is a link.Otherwise enjoy yourself on Iwaku!
  3. Thanks super cat! (Kick ass name by the way)

    Steam/Xbox sales are the bane and joy of my existence!

    Funnily enough that link is for the D&D game that I play with my friends across the pond! :)
  4. Yay a fellow gamer! Chuu! >o< And you had me at films! We shall get along fine :3 Welcome welcome! Feel free to message me if ya want to chat or anything ^o^