Greetings people!

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Hi there

I'm glad I finally found a roleplay forum that isn't blocked by my work's webfilter :D and it also looks really good with awesome roleplayers.

Hoping to have a lot of fun and creative endeviours, adventures and stuff... I've also already set up my roleplay resume and am eager to get started! Heck knows I've been rp-ing for 8 years now and it's like a lifestyle and additction. :)</SPAN></SPAN>
South Africa, eh? Well then...Vay has a new found ally then. Maybe.

Welcome! I am Rory or Leo. Whatever you want to call me. Enjoy your time with us.
Oh really? ... I'll look into that.
Thankyou for the warm welcome :)

How about I just call you Leory? (No. I'm kidding, haha)
Welcome to your sanctuary my good friend, my name is Tenchi-Roku :)

You may call me one or the other, i don't really care ^_^

I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us
Already jumped in... an asylum rp. It shall be epic.
Oooo South Africa! I will add you to my collection of peoples from around the world. Ohohoho!

Welcome to the community! :D
Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
You're spot on about us having awesome roleplayers. We have some truly magnificent minds among us.
It's good that you're excited to jump in and play with us~
If you need any help, please feel free to ask!