Greetings. :o

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  1. How goes it, people of Iwaku?
    I'm bloodbitten, but you guys can just call me Blood or Bo!

    Anyways, I hail from Roleplayer Guild. I haven't abandoned the Guild because I enjoy its simplicity, so I am basically just here to check out this site.

    Few things about me, I do NOT do Group Roleplays. I am not committed and I always leave after posting only once. Please don't invite me to a group roleplay, even if it tickles my fancy. But if you can adjust it to be a 1x1 roleplay for only the both of us, so be it.

    I am strictly animal RP, on this site anyway, until further notice. That is how I always start out on a new website and that's how it's going to be until I get the hang of things.

    That's about it.
  2. well then, greetings, Blood! :D Welcome to the community!
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  3. -*Jumps in through window and flips landing on feet standing in front of you.* Naruto Uzumaki Checking in! Welcome to Iwaku my friend. *Gives a flower* Anytime you wanna talk or RP, let me know.
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  4. Why thank you! xD
    And sure thing!
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