Greetings from the stray seeking a fun and warm RP-community

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  1. Hey, I go by dragonesper but you can also call me Espie. I loiter often at the NaNoWriMo roleplaying forum so if anyone recognize me from there just give a shout ^^
    I like roleplaying mostly original worlds so you probably won't run into me at the fan-RPs, sorry ^^'

    My main weakness is not enough details but I'm working on it, I play chars of both genders and have fun with making my chars go through hell, awkward moments or just plainly messing with their daily lives. You have been warned xD

    Other than that I'm a fairly nice person who overconsumes on anime and gaming in the vacations and is balancing my hobbies with my heavy courseload, I loiter at sites often during schoolhours so it's possible to poke at me in chats. See you around~
  2. Hello, welcome to the site!
  3. Whoop for torturing characters!!! :D

  4. Welcome to Iwaku Espie! I like to do too much description sometimes so don't feel too bad we all have our flaws.
  5. Hallo Espie, welcome aboard! :D