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  1. Good morning! This is my first time on iwakuroleplay and I'm excited to see so many roleplayers on one site!
    This isn't my first time roleplaying. I've been on a few small forum sites, but it's been a while since I've been in an rp.
    I wanted to get back into writing, so I signed up for this site. Currently, I'm learning how things work here. If anyone can help me with that, it'd be awesome!

    I'm in your care iwaku roleplayers
  2. Hey Void! Welcome to Iwaku. Make sure to take a glance at the rules and check out our newbie care package! Feel free to ask anyone with a light blue, red or purple name any questions you may have~
  3. Hi there! Welcome to Iwaku. Icey pretty much said it. The newbie care package is definitely for people like you, and people with light blue, red, or purple names are interns, staff, or admins. We're all pretty friendly so don't hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.


    Hiya Voidy ^u^ your title quote just made me think of the stalkers from Starcraft 2. Hope you're able to get back into roleplay! You'll find someone to roleplay with in no time so long as you put the effort in to find people.

    Newbie Care Package!

    That might help you out a bit? I haven't tried to post in it myself because they seem very overwhelmed so I wouldn't want to make it any worse, but they're still taking newbies to help out! Plus I can make my own graphics. Anyway, just in case you wanted a link to the newbie care package that IceQueen mentioned, there it is!
  5. Welcome to group!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.