Greeting's from the Crusaders.

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  1. Welcome to the Crusader's Camp!

    As I have layed my eyes upon this land I have noticed quite a lot of intriguing thing's, My Crusader's and me have decided to lay camp here in this Arrival section and pack it up and move somewhere else when we've been welcomed. The Red Crusader's is a band of crusading warrior's from a land far away and we jounry for the taste of removing and exterminating evil if it were to live or exist here.

    A right, back to me, aye? Well I am a swedish teen who have been roleplaying for quite a while, I'd like too call my english adequite and ''good enough'' for roleplaying. I have roleplayed for about two year's if I were to count it, Soon three actually. The upper segment and my name is from a story or well, I guess you'd call it a book by now, which is about a band of Crusader's called the Red Crusader's. I could talk for a while about it, but I won't unless people were to ask be about it.

    My interest's are quite simple:
    - Anime.
    - Manga.
    - Gaming.
    - Writing.
    - Roleplaying.

    I am occupied by school now, however the christmas break is upon me, and so it will for just about three week's. Other then the Red Crusade book in which I am writing I've made many stories, one being Genkai Fighting Highschool, Land's of Loch Thamar and the White Crusade. ( Predecessor to the Red Crusade book/Story ) None are published but I have been thinking about it for a while.

    Writing is my life, I quite enjoy it and have done so ever since fourth grade, just about four years ago, however I've only roleplayed since three year's ago, after this new years eve, which I am awaiting quite happily and enjoyingly.
    So once again, If you have any question's I am here to answer them.
  2. Very impressive. I did enjoy the little 'tasting' if you will of your writing skill. I will not be so bold as to say I am nearly as talented as you, although I would dare to aspire to be at that level, one day. Your English is quite impressive seeing as to how you are not native to the language. I will be willing to poke my head in on your posts from time to time. You have earned it, sir.

    Lastly, welcome to the Forums.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Crusader!
    Fellow evil stomper Cerulean, here to formally tell you that it is good you have come. There is a strong gaming and anime presence here on Iwaku. I can't help but trip on the many people who love those things (including me). Any chance you are into tabletop gaming?

    If you need anything, feel free to send me a message. =D