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  1. Hi Guys and Gals of Iwaku,

    I'm a perfectly normal human worm baby, come to enjoy some perfectly normal human roleplaying here. I've been into roleplaying since the early 90s, first started out with the good old gamebooks a.k.a. choose-your-own-adventure books, then moved on to an obscure local system, then moved on to GURPS, D&D 3.5/ADnD, followed by Vampire the Masquerade, the Dresden Files RPG, Pathfinder and pretty much any other lovely roleplaying fun I could get my hands on and had people to play with. I always did feel a little sad that people preferred fantasy roleplay to anything more futuristic or modern, so I decided to jump around online and look for greener pastures.

    I have to admit I had never heard of Iwaku, but I accidentally stumbled upon Nation States, made my own dystopia there and kaboom - I had a very friendly, genki/kawaii strange invite to join the Glorious Nations of Iwaku by Vandoosa a.k.a. Isabella Hime. I was intrigued by the sheer wow factor of everything written there. I saw the homepage for Vandoosa, saw this website and boom, here I am.

    I'd be glad to stick around and get some RP done if you would have me :)

    Can't think of much else to say, so if you have any questions fire away, I'll be around to answer when I can. Until then I'll need some time exploring your world(s) and what you've created so far.
  2. Whispers in the dark xD my, my., he he .

    Welcome to the Madness, do please enjoy your stay here ~

    Also , are you a boy/girl ?:3
  3. A boy, though I thought my profile mentioned that (Oh gods of emoji, THERE ARE SO DAMN MANY TO CHOOSE FROM).

    Whispers in the dark eh? Well, I like madness - its calming, like watching a drop of paint in a water glass - you never know what shapes you'll see floating in the light.

    Pleased to meet you, Whisper. I intend to enjoy every minute of it ;)
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  4. I wanted to make sure that's all ^^ I don't check people's profile often ..

    * floats around on her white Tiger* xD

    Pleased to meet you to, as well in this Madness you'll probably find Many Things that might catch your attention.:3

    Maybe we will write a story together sometime ^^
  5. *bows* welcome to the insane side, *laughs madly*, enjoy your stay here. *runs off into the shadows*
  6. Whisper, I'd be honored to :) I fully intend to at least create an RP world here at some point, I just have some guests I need to pay attention to these days.

    Hollow, jeez these shadows sure are roomy eh? :D Lots of space for mad fun apparently. Must be made of Timelord technology or something.
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  7. That sounds awesome indeed ^^
    Maybe, we can discuss some via Pm ( start conversation ) ?@.@
  8. *evil laugh* did someone say mad fun?
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  9. Welcome to the neighborhood ~Enjoy your stay and...never ever ever troll other member or staff...I did once and I need alot of burn heal,maybe a full restore
  10. Welcome..
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  11. Fear not, I play nice and try to be an overall good guy. Besides, there is little to gain by antagonizing anyone. I say live and let live, people choose their own fate ;)

    I'll keep a healthy amount of first aid supplies nearby just in case though, I don't want someone firebending me out of existence while I'm not looking :)
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  12. Soo ENCOURAGING!Man!I love you already!
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  13. Likewise good sir, likewise :) And noooow I must go stuff my face with cake. It calls to me with its evil, cake-y goodness. Can't...
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  14. There is a cake somewhere >.> I can smell it from miles away!maybe PurKor is hiding it somewhere >:D
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  15. Never !!!>:(
    My strawberry cheesecake is not for sharing unfortunately !@,@

    - flies away on her Tiger to the back yard of Iwaku - xD
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  16. My sibling is very good at kidnapping people on Nation States. >:3 I guess it runs in the genes.

    Welcome to the community Ayoxin! :D
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  17. A flying tiger?gotta be kidding me... e.e
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  18. Hi! Fellow tabletop gamer, welcome.