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  1. Dia dhuit all, I am Banrion na Beir [Queen of the Bears], ye may call me Eris if ye so wish though =]
    I have no idea on what to say, so I'm using the wee list given in the top thread.
    I hail from Ireland, I be twenty years old, and am the only lass in a set of triplets. I just joined this site, but I am in no way new to role playing...or writing, I've been doing both for near as long as I can remember. I prefer one on one role plays, or very small groups [I'm talking like...four people, big groups are just too much English for me to read.]
  2. Must... resist... urge to... drop Irish joke...

    Howdy and welcome to Iwaku, Eris. ^^ I think you'll fit in just fine around here. XD It's quite a nice place, though I can't say it's as pretty as Ireland. As a Texan who hasn't seen three inches of rain all year, I'm really jealous of you guys right now! Some grey weather would be so nice...

    Anyway, I hope to see you around~
  3. Saints, honestly, feel free. My family are the worst offenders of them. I'm not easily insulted.

    Thank ye most kindly. It seems rather nice here. Texas does have it's beauty, I wouldn't knock it for being dry, I've been a couple times, and always have a riot while visiting.
  4. Greetings Queen of Bears, a pleasure to make your aqaintence. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask :)
  5. Hiiiii Eris! :D Triplets, that must be interesting. O__O Welcome to the community!
  6. Indeed it is. Many thanks. =]
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Bear queen. It's nice to see someone else in the GMT time zone. :)
    If you ever need a hand with anything hit me up and I'll try to help.
  8. Hello, I'm not from Ireland but I'm like half Irish.

    The other half of me is Korean. It's weird.


    Welcome to the site :) people on here are nice and there's plenty of variety
  9. Many thanks =]
    It's not weird, I've a cousin who's Irish, Italian, and Japanese, and he's just gorgeous =] I consider being just one dull when there's usually nice stories behind such bloodlines.
  10. *takes a bow* Welcome and may you have a wonderful time here!
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