Greetings from a refugee of Legends of Equestria

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  1. Hello to all of the members of this forum!

    I am, as my name implies, the Wandering Magus. I have been called multiple nicknames in the past, but you may refer to me as you wish. I am a 20 year old college student in the Silicon Valley of California. I will say upfront that I have a general aversion towards discussion or utilization of the topics of sex and drugs in or out of character, but have less aversion towards mentions of violence and religion. I would appreciate, though I do not expect, respectful and rational discourse if possible.

    I study Electrical Engineering and am in my second year as a college student, but I enjoy roleplaying and informal conversation online in forums. I am a fan of the show entitled My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and have been a member of a forum called Legends of Equestria for a year. I was banned indefinitely from that forum after asking a development artist as to her reason for choosing a particular line of art, and am currently taking up my case with the administrators and moderators of that forum, but in the interim I hope to establish myself in this community in case the case falls through.

    I have been roleplaying on forums since 2009, and am a prominent member of another forum entitled The Fantasy Forum. I do not change username often, and you are welcome to message me on that site.

    I have a preference for serious, philosophical and grammatically correct roleplays, but I am open to most sorts of games. I generally post several times a day, but no more than once every half hour. I try to take into account all posts addressed to me in a single post rather than spamming multiple posts at a time.

    I have been both a player character and a GM on multiple games. I am open to suggestions and advice from others at any time.

    Thank you for your attention, and I hope to meet you all!

    Edit: Upon contacting the administrator of Legends of Equestria, I have been informed that the ban has been rendered permanent. As such, I hope t find myself, truly and permanently, a new home here, as best as I can. Thank you all for reading!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Magus. Maybe now we shall have enough ponies to start a nice little RP!

    Hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Welcome! Happy to have you! ^^
  4. Hello :3! I am new here as well so welcome to the both of us XD! I have been a mod on some games but never a GM >_<! I was close to being one but you know what they say sometimes you just dont get the job u know XD? What games have you been a GM on? Maybe I know you :3!
  5. thank you and welcome x3 I look forward to interacting with you in RP!
  6. Awww part of my message got cut off x.x! The other part was I asked what games you were a GM on? Because I might know you :3!
  7. Hello there, Rundo, fancy seeing you here :3 /sarcasm

    I used to GM games such as Pony Cosmology, Royal Academy of Magic, Before Equestria, When Darkness Falls, Life in Neighpon, P&S Adventures, Sweet and Elite, Age of Wonders, and for a time Dimension Jumpers.
  8. Oh I guess I dont know you then Dx! Oh well now I do :3!
  9. I know Right, So unexpected. /double-sarcasm
  10. Hi there pony guy! I am just going to add you to the collection of all my other pony guys an gals. >:3

    Welcome to the community!
  11. Ponies, ponies everywhere! Right Diana? Ohh, your avatar would fit so perfectly for all those that feared the pony take-over! X3
  12. I have yet to look thru this place...
  13. thank you Diana! And thanks for all the welcomes!
  14. Greetings from chief discipline dude.

    I assure you, I am not a professional porn star and have no incriminating website. So we should get on fine.
  15. nice to meet you, Asmodeus ^^ thank you for the welcome!