Greetings everyone! :3

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  1. Hello, hello! My name is Endarkening, and I was referred here by Domanoochi after he talked about the site via Skype for... like, an hour? lol.
    A lot of people call me Lulu because my username on a different RP site is Lulu, and my original username was Luteshi. You guys can call me whatever, as long as it's not offensive! ;P
    I love roleplaying, some I'm very excited to participate here. I'm a jack-of-all-trades as I dapple in all genres and try out a lot of different characters.

    As for my personal identity, I live in Canada in a comfy home near the ocean. c: I own a Blue Tongue Skink (Ellen), Meyer's Parrot (Cody), and a Axolotl named Caldur. I'm a freelance artist and also a novel writer, and am currently attending highschool.

    Anyways, nice to meet you all! ^w^
  2. Greetings and welcome to Iwaku. Glad you decided to join us ^.^

    Hope you have a great time here on the site if there is anything anyone can do ask a Staff Member (you’ll know them because they have their name purple and have staff written where yours says New Registration) anyone that’s aside from the point. I know the site is hard to navigate, or can be at least, so here are some links to ehlp you along the way.] If you have never rolplayed[/url] you should check that link out. It gives a general over view of how it works and such, and this community is great to learn.] Mentoring[/url] can be found here, and it’s great I personally took part in the program and it was a lot of fun. Helped me find a partner as well as just helped my writing. Also if you like to just learn about writing] The Academy[/url] where the mentoring thread is will help you with that.] jump Ins [/url] are a great way of finding group rp’s if that’s your thing, You can also get back to this threat by looking at the main forum page and scrolling down until you see it.] For one on one[/url] go there. You can get back there the same way as the Jump Ins.

    Again I know that’s a lot of links and most of them probably won’t even apply to you, but just read the description I gave in each one and I’m sure it’ll be clear as mud. Also if you need a Rp partner just shoot me a PM I’m always open.

  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Endarkening aka Lulu. I also like to play in a variety of genres! I think you'll get along well here : )
  4. Hello there! My name is ermm, well you can call me Vanille! Nice to meet you :3 *waves and hands her a cupcake made by Malakyee*

    Hope you have lots of fun! And if you need help just don't be afraid to ask, okis? Okis!