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  1. Hello and greetings to all! I ran across this site looking for a new forum to join and seeing as how I've been in sort of a dry spell as far as RPs go, this seemed like the best choice to scratch that particular itch.

    As for myself, I've been RPing since roughly 2005 and I've been an avid participant in many a forum and RP since that time; in fact without my first forum experience, I likely wouldn't be where I am today and have the friends that I do. I just generally enjoy writing and creating new places, characters, and especially myths and lore...I am a bit of a myth junkie truth be told. Apart from that, I go to school and work most of my days, and when I'm not doing those, you'll probably find me in the kitchen indulging my other hobby of cooking; perhaps an odd hobby, but one I enjoy immensely.

    As far as things are concerned here, I'm looking forward to having many an adventure and from what I've seen, everything here looks highly enjoyable. It will be an honest pleasure to get to meet new friends here, and I sincerely hope that I will enjoy many a fun time here with you all.
  2. *Gets distracted by the avatar* O___O Hiiiiii~
  3. Ahahaha, Diana, silly owl. Anyways Hello Reaper welcome to Iwaku. I am sure you can find enough roleplay here to end that dry spell. I know I have. Also I absolutely love to cook. LOVE IT! It's literally besides writing is my favorite thing to do. ^^
  4. Hello to the both of you, and thank you for the warm welcomes; I know my avatar is a bit distracting, so I apologize for that. XD Speaking of cooking though, what kinds of meals do you enjoy making most Santario, if I may ask? I love collecting recipes from other cooks, call it a sub-hobby~
  5. @ReaperOfFlames Oh gods, I cook everything to be honest. I am in a crappy flat at the moment. It's just a little tiny studio so my kitchen is horribly small and I can't cook as much as I want. However I am a big fan of cooking for a ton of people. It's just myself and my husband at home and we both like a lot of different things. I cook lots of pastas, pizzas, breads, meat and potato styles, anything really filling and cheap at the moment. lol. How about yourself?
  6. I'm more of a downhome kinda cook, though I enjoy taking strange liberties with my cooking, such as making twice baked potatoes but hiding mac and cheese underneath the mashed potatoes. If I can make a person experience those two seconds of irrational anger because they got something in their food they weren't expecting, then I feel accomplished. =w=
  7. XD That's hilarious. You would probably hate me though. When I first eat food from someone new or a new place I pick apart my food so I know what I am eating first. I try not to surprise people with what is in my food but I love giving people foodgasims. I am a huge fan of flavor so chances are if you eat my homemade mac n cheese. You are going to get an array of yayness in your mouth.
  8. Oh that's fine, I just love food in general, it doesn't matter what it is or how it's made, so long as it's good. I love homemade mac and cheese though *^* So much so I made my own variant, the 5 Cheese Baked Mac & Cheese. :3c
  9. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    You like myths you say ?

    Oh I can have fun here, partake in the stories that surround you, and whenever you get bored, listen while tales are told, tales of myths and legends, glory and disgrace.

    Enjoy your stay, food lover of awesome avatar :D
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