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  1. Hello people of Iwaku! I am Cheonsa, and I am new to this site. I have quite some roleplaying skills under my belt though. About 7 years of skill. Roleplaying is a passion of mine and I love to see the ideas different roleplayers have on them. So if you are interested in roleplaying with me, send me a message and I'll see what I have in store for us!

    A little bit about me: I have roleplayed for 7 years. I am a Junior in High School. I like to express lots of feeling into my roleplays; which means I give lots of personality to my characters.

    So, yeah. I'm happy to be here! :)
  2. Happy to have you Cheonsa ^^
    Welcome and hope you find stories here at Iwaku :D
  3. Thank you Windstormugly! I hope to be able to find awesome people to roleplay with! You know, after I get a basic understanding of the site's setup that is.
  4. Nothing really different. Find interest-checks for something you like, they probably don't accept anymore, so go to the OOC section and see if you can fit in on anything that didn't have an interest-check but does interest you ^^
    Read ideas that sound interesting, but if they prove not to. then you keep quiet ;) Don't want to create awkward situations do we.
    Make conversations with people simply because you can, and see if you are able to be in the same story ^^
    And if you ever enter the general chat, smile and wave xD
  5. Alright then. Maybe I can roleplay with you in the future then! :)
  6. If you feel like it, just seek me out ^^
  7. Well I enjoy stories by variations of that kind. By I don't feel like playing one at the moment, though you will most certainly get someone to play it with you. Many like those kinds of one x ones ^^
  8. Ah, alright then. Well, I will hopefully wait for someone to partake in the rp. ^^
  9. Hello there and welcome, I'm new to the site too but so far I like it a lot, I hope you do as well.
  10. Howdy Cheonsa! :D Welcome to the community!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.