Greetings and Salutations



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So, I'm new to this sort of forum. >>;;

I've always stuck to single genre/plot/realm forums before, but I'm excited to try something new.

I'll probably lurk around a bit more so I make sure I don't make a complete idiot of myself... >>;; But I just thought I'd say hello and let people know I exist. (:

Hope to play with you all soon!
I've been claimed already? o.O
My you people work fast. And I haven't even filled out my profile xD
I'm already a minion...
Yes, well, there might come 3-4 different guys and do things in *....* to us, so watch out/ignore it.

As a minion, you can ask for any kind of help from me.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

*walks off into the shadows*
Welcome to Iwaku :D
Don't let Torz boss you around too much! You can always complain to me if he does :D

If you have any questions concerns and such, lemme know, kaay?


Thanks very much everyone, I appreciate the welcomes. ^^ -bow bow-
WELCOME TO THE SITE! If you need any help and can't get the other staff, I'm almost always online, and here's my MSN : [email protected] and my skype: juliajrudes Just incase you ever need me.

I'm yet another staff member! But its actually my job to answer your questions. While you're busy finishing your profile why not give us a ROLEPLAYER'S RESUME so we have a better idea of you tastes.

Other than that play nice and take cover. Seriously.... Take. Cover.
Just did that! xD Thanks everyone again for all the welcomes and offers to help! Sounds like a very inviting forum!


I guess you don't need any more welcomes! XD But hello anyway! I like turtles. >:D They're delicious.
Hello, unlike most of your greeters I'm not a mod

anyways I'm Grandmaster Karsikan, Resident Grey Knight and Alcoholic Astartes

*shotguns a six pack*
*Slaps helmet with a white stripe n Char's head and hands him a lasrifle before taking up a boltpistol and powersword*

Ahhhhh...... 'tis a fine day to die.
Oh hai quiz wat you doin.

*staples a 'VOTE FOR DARKNESS, FAGGOTS' poster to Vay's helmet*

Welcome to Iwaku, old chap. I used to do the whole single genre/plot forum thing too, before I found this place. Trust me when I say Iwaku's got everything those sorta forums had and then some.

And then a little more, too.

Any troubles, scream for one of them staffies Diana has enslaved to cater to our whims. The boss-lady's good to us...