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  1. Takes a small bow to greet everyone.

    Allow this lost and pathetic romantic to say hello to everyone. I am indeed a bit of a dramatic, melodramatic, fool who'll take your heart without meaning to. I have the accidental tendency to garner affection and love from all those who get to know me. As well as the sad ability to disappear. With that stated, I am generally very pleasant to be with.

    I am indeed a swordsman. I practice every day if I can help it. My other hobbies are making characters, dreaming up worlds.

    I am a lover and a fighter. They conflict often with me inside. I have quite a few quirks and kinks but non-the less I am always on my best to stay charming. I follow a strange code of honor and take pride in it as I take it with me, even on the internet.

    Please, if you wish to get to know me more, send me a message. I will hide nothing, but only answer that which is asked, and sometimes in ways you may only have to figure out for yourself.
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  2. Greetings, O Noble Asamere. Let us venture together in this new promising land.
  3. Indeed :3
  4. Asamere good tidings to you. I go by Bucky. I'd like to formally greet you, as well as state that you look like a fine swordsman. Should i rather say Swordsman-a Being.
  5. I can already tell you're gonna make all the panties wet. Welcome to the site, Asamere.
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  6. Welcome to the site, Asamere! Iwaku could always use more romanticism, so I'm happy to have you joining us. As for the quirks and the kinks, you should stop by the steambox sometimes to hang out, we love chatting about all that stuff :)

    Hope you find everything you're looking for in the community.
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