Greeting everyone!!!

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  1. *Scratches head* I'm not so good with introductions but let me begin. I'm a casual/advanced veteran rper who's been rping almost since he was eleven(Obviously I'm not eleven currently) so don't treat me like a newb(Even though you probably will try anyway)XD I originated from an old rp site that was at the top of the food chain until it passed away recently(From old age if you're wondering and I'm not talking about RPG which did pretty well though IMO). To sum everything up, I'm new here but I'm not to rping, I just need to get adjusted to the different terrain that's all...


    I also would appreciate some people to chill with rather than changing friends from rp to rp XD
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Well Hello there Etan! >:3 Welcome to the community! <3 I'm sure you can collect a whole net of friends for many adventures. :D