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  1. Goooood.... Morning/After/Evening!

    So after a small hiatus, I decided to come back to the scene which probably a bad idea o.o or not...?
    Anyway to refresh my whole brain back to RP mode again, I decided to make a 1x1 partner request woo..!!


    Information about me!
    - Beginner - Advanced Writing -> which mean my average length posts are around 1 - 3 paragraphs, sometimes it depends on my partner.
    - I always reply around 2-3 days after you post
    - I always love high fantasy and modern fantasy plot
    - I would really love if my pairing is M x F with me being the M
    - I would love to post threads over PM though I can do both
    - I don't have any requirement beside 1 1x1 at a time and please tell me when you have a problem or got confused in the 1x1~!

    <<Usually use OCs as main and Canon character as NPC>>
    <<and as stated above I only do M x F, with me being the M part~!>>
    Tate no Yuusha monogatari
    Kuroko no Basuke
    DC or MARVEL
    One Punch
    Log Horizon
    Duopo Caoqiong
    Hardcore Leveling Warrior
    Dungeon seeker
    DeadTube *Adults only due to it's violence nature*
    Kami sama luutori
    Inazuma Eleven *I can do bromance M x M for this exception only ;9 *
    Only Sense Online
    Fate Stay Night

    Original Plot:
    None yet but please hit me up if you got one!

    Feel free to ask any question or hit my PM to start 1x1 with me!
  2. DC or Marvel? I would love to play Raven or a Mutant OC.
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  3. @LittleMuse Cool just pm me up for futher conversation~!
  4. I can't. Still new.
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  5. Then I'll send you a pm then~!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.