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  1. Ok before you judge mmeee, hear me out~
    I've always thought role playing with characters like this
    Would be so adorable and fun, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this ;^;


    Welcome all first year students to Greenland High, a public school in Crieya were all the local and none local kids go to. Some people may be your childhood friends, but feel encouraged to bring new people into your friend groups because, well, some people are shy. Also If our schedules very too much, I'll just force everyone into a club so we can all chill at one point or another.

    As far as classes and scheduals go, I'll make up some classes for you to choose from, but its your job to remember what your schedule is, so writing is down somewhere until you remember it is wise. I had to for my other high school rp...
    Though keep in mind we're only doing four periods a day, with a Lunch break, and a 10 "minute" break between each class.

    Oh and hey THERES NO UNIFORMS... your welcome...

    all schools have rules, so I figured to make it more realistic I'd add some high school rules... ew...

    unless its in the locker room, everyone is a slut in the locker rooms
    no asses hanging out
    keep your boobs in your shirts
    Guys this isn't a strip tease, keep your shirts buttoned up

    I get it, there's some sexy people out there, but keep your legs shut and your dick in your pants until you get out of school horn dogs and if your gonna have sex fade that shit blacker then a black hole, this is role play not a porno dick waffle.

    3)[BCOLOR=#ff0000] Oi! Don't be a bitch[/BCOLOR]
    in other words don't bully people, we're a group of teenagers of course there's going to be fights and shit, but don't be decking people a crossed the face for no reason, ya know? Like be nice!

    even though i know you're going to, but whatever right?

    4)No vandalism or you're..idk a bad kid!
    I know its funny to draw dicks all over the school, but dude.. this isn't middle school anymore grow up. Now if its that really cool stuff thats on the sides of buildings and looks dope, I applaud you, but your still getting in trouble.

    5)[BCOLOR=#333333] eeerrrmmmm be a good child (?)[/BCOLOR]

    6)[BCOLOR=#993300]Anyone with an C or lower gets put in a help class.....mawhahaha[/BCOLOR]

    not that I really care >_> I dont even know if well be in the same classes together or not lol all the teacher is gonna do is give you instructions then you're on your own, minus a few questions here and there but i don't like being a teacher unless its beating kids with rulers, so take what your get or get a ruler to your face baka!

    (am i the only one that laughed a little when i reread these?...yes?..otay ;^;)

    you guys know how it is, but yea this ^-^


    (picture preferred but if you can't find one I get it, describe away)

    13-14 because were all freshman

    made up of course unless you really want to use your own, then happy


    if you really want to, I know bios get old



    Extra info:

    *sarcastic voice*
    now for the fun stuff...classes....

    Here's what you get..
    Technology 1
    Auto-shop 1
    Music 1
    Art 1
    Drama 1
    Photography 1
    Language Class

    Schedule Example
    until we get bored
    until we get board
    until we get bored
    until we get bored
    until we get bored​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Yukki Miharu
    Age: 14
    Birthday: April 14
    -blushes easily
    -really laid back
    -music lover
    -once she gets to know you she becomes mischievous
    -protective of her friends
    -tells you how it is
    -questions a lot of things
    -is a BIG dreamer
    -people in general fascinate her
    Yukki grew up in the Greenland schooling district, her parents actually own a coffee shop here in town that Yukki works in for a few hours after school. Other than that there isn't much to her back ground.
    -being with people she knows
    -playing with people's tail
    -anything exciting or mysterious to her
    -mean people
    -being ignored for too long (she'll noam people's shoulders to get their attention if shes being ignored too long)
    -being spied on
    -pushy people
    -bad rumors
    Extra Info:
    -if scared she'll cling to the person next to her
    -if she's around new people, she'll hide behind the tallest person she knows (warning all males)
    -she gets easily attached to people, and easily hurt
    -Yukki is only 5'3 ^-^
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Keaton
    birthday: August 24
    -laid back
    -trys to keep everyone happy
    -super protective
    -can be a dick when he wants to be left alone
    -always searching for new things to do
    -easily bored
    -can be found often times in the grass napping outside under the sun
    Keaton moved here durring the summer so he hasn't gotten a chance to meet everyone just yet. His mother is a wild life photographer well his dad is an artist, meaning Keaton is really artist being thanks to how he was raised.
    -fluffy blankets
    -being used as a toy
    -spiders, especially spiders
    -bitchy people
    Extra info:
    -he's single
    -when he sees a spider, he'll either freeze in place staring at the damn thing until someone takes care of it, or runs a crossed the room like a pansy.
    -has horrible luck detecting if someone likes him or not
    -is easily amused even when he shouldn't be, he is
    -if he ever gets truly mad....YOUR FUCKED...enough said..
  4. Name: Shiro


    13. She is quite below average height.


    23rd April


    Shiro is a quiet and easily unnoticed character. She's not particularly shy, she just prefers to stick to herself. She's quite willing to talk but won't bring up a topic of conversation unless there's actually something she wants to know. She's very intelligent when it comes to intellectual subjects, and is the top of the year group in maths, computing and science related studies. Her physical prowess is also beyond compare, in a bad way that is. She is probably the least athletic person in the year, and while her reaction times are good, her physical strength lets them down.

    Shiro is typically nice to everyone, and combined with her cuteness and grades, this makes her quite popular as the class mascot. What's more, her passive aura is completely reversed when she finds something cute, and she quite aggressively goes about trying to obtain it. She loves anime, manga and video games, quite in contrast to her appearance, and is also fond of pretty much everything cute. In terms of things she doesn't like, the list contains things such as physical activity and things she finds intimidating or scary. There is one exception to this 'scary' rule though - if she encounters a teacher who's rather bad at being a teacher, she will actively call them out on their mistakes in quite a rude fashion.
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  5. Aight, my character is completed. I'm not sure whether or not I'll make a second yet.
  6. Yay hehe I'll wait for at lest one or two more people to join then ill make the rp thread and we can starts!
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  7. Name: Roman Blake.
    Appearance: picture but his shoes are green.
    Age: 14

    Birthday: June 15
    Personality: Snarky and sarcastic 95 percent of the time. But he's nice (in a jerk kind of way),
    Pretty laid back and lazy a lot of the time. Good at mathematics, likes to be a spectator and orchestrator rather than being directly involves

    Likes: sweets and candy, seeing comeuppance, rock music, carrots, sleeping

    Dislikes: when people touch his ears, when people thinks he likes carrots (even though he does), being involved in drama and angst, dogs

    Extra info: has an eternal sweet tooth, single. Has a tendency to climb trees and fall asleep in them.
  8. Kawaii~ ill make a rp thread when u get home!
  9. If you edit the overview, you can add the link to the IC and it'll show up as an awesome blue button on the right column.
  10. I was just thinking, you might want to change the tag on the OOC from By Invitation Only to Open Signups. Invitation Only suggests that people may only join if you PM them and ask them to join.
  11. @SugaarCereal You probably ought to slow down a bit. If there's no one else in that class, then it's fine, but if you speed through an entire lesson in one post, it makes people who could have interactions and stuff in that period also feel like they have to rush.
  12. Don't worry I know, I won't do that with the other classes. I was just posting what roman did during his first class to get it out the way, and he wont be interacting with anyone untill everyone else interacts with eachother in their respective first class' and then says their in second period. Sorry about that!

    Edit: Actually now that i think about it, you're 100 percent right. I'm going to change it so it flows more naturally, thanks for calling me on that, i'm new to this kind of things so feel free to call me out on it if i screw up again. I changed it now. >.<

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  13. Haha, thanks. It's hard to get the right balance with that though. You don't want to call people out too often cos you think you start looking like you're just being a control freak. I think it might be best to perhaps change the class schedule if no one else is in too many of your lessons, otherwise your RPing is gonna be pretty boring for you. All your posts will be pretty much pointless.
  14. Yeah I'll probably get him to drop out of some classes or something. Still thanks for the advice.
  15. Name: Mariposa Flores

    Age: 14

    Birthday: April 16

    Personality: Major anime geek, and loves to write and read. She can get a bit awkward and punny at times so bear with her. She actually loves roughhousing and signed up for the lacrosse

    Likes: Anime, manga, writing, fangirling, playing sports, being petted, walks, yaoi

    Dislikes: Cats, sexism, internet trolls, her first name

    Extra info: She hates her full name with a passion and don't ever call her that unless you want to get tackled.
  16. I going to have to leave this rp on account that I just don't have time, so I'm rooting out half of them and this one isn't so active sorry bout that.
  17. Hey, are you still looking for people to join in by any chance?
  18. Considering the last post on this thread was the 18th of october, I suspect this might have died.
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