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  1. The year is 2587, the Earth that was once a lush and vibrant planet of live is now a polluted and desecrated hellhole. After centuries of human development the planet simply could not support the massive weight of humanity. In the year 2354, all of the world powers came together to develop a way to escape the dying planet. 50 years later the first colony ships left Earth to settle on mars and terraform it to support human life. By 2460 the entire solar system was colonized. But humanity was not content with just having one solar system. So in 2489, with the help of faster than light (FTL) technology, humanity expanded to several more systems.

    Move to present day, Humanity has once again become divided. The Galactic Colonial Government (GCG) is facing a large rebellion made up of several frontier systems. Tired of being taxed and harshly governed by the Mars based government, the systems united under the banner of the Solar Liberation Army (SLA). Having lost a major source of raw materials the GCG responded with a vengeance by declaring the SLA a terrorist organization and declaring war on the traitor systems.

    It is now the third year of the galactic war and you have just been drafted.

    No god moding, hijacking/derailing the current plot, or creating something against the setting (unless you have a good reason and run it through me first.)
    2. Respect your fellow players.
    3. Please try to not hog the RP with one other person. Nobody wants to read 2 pages of a 1x1 conversation
    4. If you've read these rules, add in greenhorn somewhere in you CS.
    5. Please post at least one paragraph 2-3 times a week! I know it's hard. If you can't, please tell us in the OOC or message me!
    6. While I am fine with romance please keep it pg-13, if it is going to go beyond that either take it to PM or I will be forced to kick you.
    7. Have fun playing this! I have been thinking up this idea for awhile now so I hope you all enjoy it.

    Hello everyone, this RP is basically an attempt at the nigh unachievable feat of making a decent action roleplay. There are a few things I want to make sure you guys know. First off is that when creating your characters you have to remember that they are completely new to war, the most they know is what they were taught in training camp. So no rambo/badass/know it all characters that can wipe out an army with a fish and a pencil. This Rp is about war and how soldiers will learn to both face their fears and become better at fighting. So in battle don't be that guy who immediately takes care of the problem in one post. Make sure to work with your partners and try to include as many people as possible. When it comes to the battles I will post the situation and let you guys take it from there, but don't be surprised if I add in something that will change things. Also I will distribute your weapons in the Rp. That is why I have weapon preference in the CS.

    Character Sheet.
    Picture: (art is fine but I would prefer no anime pictures for your characters.)
    (this is what your character was trained in, medic, sniper, EOD, etc. If you have a hard time thinking up a role just look up roles in today's militaries to find something you like. And please try to make your characters diverse. Nobody wants to have 5 snipers and 3 machine gunners)
    Weapon Preference: (assault rifle, smg, shotgun, etc.)
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  2. Consider this a reserve for a spot! This is genuinely a good idea, especially for the purpose you have chosen ^^
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