Green Lantern: Red Apocalypse

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    The Green Lantern Corps...for untold eons it has been a military institution dedicated to keeping peace and justice throughout the cosmos. Founded by the wise and powerful Guardians Of The Universe, they have stood for nobility and honor, virtually unchallenged...that is, until now.

    In his quest for the fabulous Anti-Life Equation, the demonic New God known as Darkseid has set his sights on Oa in hopes that the Guardians know something that may lead him closer in his quest. In his insane ambitions, Darkseid has now forged an unholy alliance with the monstrous and vicious Red Lantern Corps. to launch an all out invasion of Oa, and if need be, destroy the whole of the Green Lanterns. Now that the legions of Apokolips have joined forces with the Red Lanterns, the Guardians Of The Universe now face a nearly overwhelming threat. The very future of the Green Lantern Corps. may now hang in the balance.

    ***Just an interest check, if it gains notice I'll put up playable character sheets.
  2. In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night. Hey, this roleplay has come into my sight!

    Let those who seek a a new sci fi bite, post forth your interest, in Green Lantern's light!
  3. Maybe most people are unfamiliar with the Green Lantern...and maybe that's why this thread has no interest...
  4. Green/Red Lantern RP?


  5. Whoa nice Attrocitus pic, lol. I'll post up a charrie sheet if I get one or two more replies of interest.
  6. Are we allowed to be other lanterns other than green?
Thread Status:
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