Greek/Roman/Norse Mythology Academy

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  1. I want to make an rp with people who have the following skills:

    • Can follow rules without to much of a complaint
    • Isn't scared to throw some ideas at me
    • Can do 2 good paragraphs (5 sentences in each at the least) for each post
    • Is respectful toward other rpers
    • Knows at least a bit of either Greek, Roman or Norse Mythology
    • Doesn't OP their characters (even if you have chosen a largely important God/Goddess doesn't give you OP rights)
    • Good grammar (you don't have to be an expert but putting in effort would be wonderful)
    • Isn't a flake (I'd be rather sad if you don't show the same excitement you might have when you signed up, at least inform me if you leave)
    I'll be making the body of the rp later but I pretty much want it to be about half bloods who are training as warriors, the students will be put in different groups and each group will have their own mission. Missions to save those in need, those being attacked by beasts and monsters humanity isn't ready to handle. Its their job to use their abilities to rid the world of the creatures threatening the world. Of course every student will have time to interact with others from different groups and sometimes two groups will be put together for a joint mission.

    I don't want people to choose the same God/Goddess, I want character development! Its best to have your team on your side because there will come a time were the only people you can trust are those you've fought in battle with.

    So... you interested?
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  2. Im totes in
  3. Bwoop owo Notification
  4. I'm in, this sounds awesome
  5. This sounds like it could be fun! I'm interested.
  6. I'm interested. However, I'll have to see more before I decide whether or not I'm in.
  7. Shut up and take my interest >;3
  8. This sounds right up my alley. I would totally join this.
  9. Interested!
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  10. This looks interesting but I'd have to see more information to know for sure whether or not I'm completely interested.
  11. Whoop! I'm making the sign up threads right now, its harder to find a name for the academy then I thought xD
  12. An either Latin, Norse or Greek name (or a combo) would be most suitable, but it's up to you. ^^
  13. I'm in for this to! Sounds like a good idea. (:
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