Gravity Falls: Never Ending Mysteries

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  1. Dipper
    Dipper is still the same dork that he is, only getting a girl friend once. He still is of course in love with Wendy even though he knew he never had a chance with her because of the age difference.

    Okay this girl... Is still fabulous. She's still that little girl that she is inside.... Only taller, and now she knows more about being fake-mature for guys.

    Mystery Crew
    Consists of the Mystery Twins, Wendy, Pacifica North West, which Mabel is SO against, *sigh* 'detective' waddles, finally Candy Chiu and Brenda.
    Mystery twins are the leader of the group (well mostly, Dipper), Candy is the one that works with hacking technology, Pacifica.... She's like the beauty expert the makeup artist and sometimes the Bait (which mabel loved). The rest are just people that help figure out mysteries. (Brenda is an undercover, she doesn't really hang out with the gang that much.)
  2. Stan flew around the mortal world, looking for Mabel and Dipper. Once he spotted them, he swooped down, to find them by each other.
  3. Mabel was walking with dipper, Waddles in her hand while she looked over dipper was reading the journal again "How many times have you looked at that journal, you could have memorized that by now!-" she said only to but cut by flapping noises. She looked up covering the sun with her one hand to see gruncle Stan "Oh hey Gruncle Stan" she said as waddles trued to wiggle free from her arms
  4. Stan landed beside the two twins, eager to see them once again. "I see Dipper... you are reading that crap again," he joked. He sucked at humor, and he knew it was not crap. "And what the heck is wrong with that pig," he said pointing a claw at Waddles. He tucks his wings in, getting rid of the shade that they block of the sun was causing. His dark eyes flashed at the light, and he quickly pulled the wings back up because the sun was damaging his sight.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.