Gravity Falls: Never Ending Mysteries

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  1. Open Spots:
    • Dipper
    • Soos
    • Gruncle stan's Ghost
    • Not so lil' Gideon
    • Sheriff Blubbs
    • Candy
    • Pacifica North West
    • Chiu
    (( Will add more if needed))


    Four years passed and the Mystery twins decided to stay in gravity falls. Dipper is now 16, taller, Mature-er. And Mabel? She's still the same. She's 16, yes, but she's still that little kid inside her, she REFUSES to act mature unless she's dating a really hot attartive guy. Anyways away from the mystery twins, which they now go by the Mystery crew. Haha no, not from Scooby-doo. They've recruited people, even people they don't like. [Mabel: PACIFICAAAAAAA]
    As for bill... Well he hasn't exactly changed. He stopped being the pyscho that he is when gruncle Stan died trying to save the mystery twins [R.I.P.]
    Fortunately! Dipper found a way to resurrect him, well no just his ghost so he could still live with them. Dipper became smarter and new mysteries were discovered but still remained unsolved. And that's why your here.

    Taken spots:

    Mabel ( @Ashley The Fabulous Neko )

    Reserved spots:

    Down below make a request 1st so someone won't steal your character while your making the CS

    Also make a CS proving that you've watched gravity falls (( at least tot eh part where bill is introduced cus I didn't get past that part so the hard core fans pls don't judge, I'm just giesing here ))

    Hey! Okay so this is me oorp rules are rules if you wanna talk to me about the RP leave me a PM and PLS NO FIGHTING oorp.make drama pl especially for whoever plays as pacifica and stuff so yeah, whoever wants to be dipper has to be really good at doing and I might have a hard time choosing who he should be. So yeah..... Here's the CS sheet for the character, if you want to add something that they've grown out of something that's fine, except for pacifica and Mabel hating each other and stuff

    Appearance: (picture)
    Full name (if possible)

    Mabel Pines
    Age: 16
    Personality: Mabel is still the same old' mabel, but now she doesn't have to 'fake' being mature, she can be very serious at times but she still has that silly side of her.

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  2. I'd like to reserve Wendy
  3. Okay she's reserves for you, go ahead and make a CS
  4. I would like to reserve Bill
  5. Okay
    ( Mable says screw you XD )
  6. I'd like to reserve dipper, please
  7. Okay, I'll leave you a pm

    Idk if ur offended or anything but it was just a joke...
  8. Why would I be offended? I knew it was a joke
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    You didn't reply since yesterday so... I thought you were offended
  10. Can i make my OC
  11. No I've just been busy
  12. Also I'm a bit confused since I have to make a CS but there is character sheet to fill out​
  13. Oh right.... That's what i forgot. :/
    Welp just wait I'll edit it
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  15. Appearance:
    Full name
    Bill Cipher

    Bill is an insane and physically irreverent demon who finds most things amusing (although no one is really sure why). He's outrageous and outlandish, as well as a quick talker and thinker. Though he may come across as simply annoying, he's not to be taken lightly; when angered, he's a force to be reckoned with

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  16. Accepted
  17. Stan Pines {Ghost}


    Name: Stan Pines
    Age: Unknown
    Personality: Stan is still a cheap skate like he been, and still has the same personality as in the show. He will be nice sometimes, and regrets a lot of things.
    Biography: After Stan died, he was a ghost before turning into a demon from greed. Even known he is kind at heart, he tries not to show it. He continues to travel the mortal world to visit Dipper and Mabel from time to time.
    Present Life: As stated above, he visits his family from time to time. In his other time he stays around the Underworld, ripping young demon children off. He still works in his mysterious ways, and he still looks for who wrote the journals after admitting it was not him. He still hates Bill.
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