~Graphic~ The Taste Of Sin (Historical Setting)

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  1. *Flesh meet Flesh as her master Showed no mercy in his beatings, his last Blow to her Tear stained face left her with the taste of blood in her mouth the metallic taste was something she was well used to. "you common whore, pathetic I have no use for you" his harsh words rang in her ears "sir, please" she managed to spill the words out of her red stained Lips "Useless" he grumbled as he turned his back on her beaten Bruised Body. Black dots Peppered her vision as she looked round the well known Room, Sex hang heavy in the air and Whips and other Toys hang in there places on the far wall some she knew others were new to her "please have mercy on me" she rasped trying to move her bruised body in sitting position but her effects her cut off bye the metal cuffs that clamped around her wrist and ankles biting into her Skin making her whimper in pain "SHUT UP" he yelled before he landed another blow to her face a startled cry of pain spilled from her lips as she did nothing to hold back the darkness that consumed he.

    *Days later*

    she looked up to the darkening sky above her a sign of another day spent lost in the forest. Her last days in her Master play Pen Played over and over in her head like a broken record left on repeat. It had been days since she had made her escape and she Was lost and growing cold, She was wearing on of her masters favourite Outfits,A Black fitted lace trimmed Dress that Barley reached mid thigh Her large Breast nearly spilling out the top as the low cut V cut Exposed Much of her Pale skin though no longer the dress it once was, it was stained in Blood and coated in mud and torn, letting out a shaky breath she stepped over a small dead carcase of a rabbit as she ran her fingers through the black mass of knotted hair that when washed and brushed reached to her waist. Coming to a stop she closed her eyes and took a deep breath in taking in the scent of the forest that surrounded her, the smell of dead animals and rotting wood and leafs assaulted her nose before she picked up a slight of smoke* "there" *she muttered as her eyes snapped open as she changed her direction heading towards what looked like a small clearing, picking up speed she ran towards what sounded like a small waterfall, not caring if she cut her feet on the jagged rocks or sticks on the forest floor she made a wild dash towards the sound of running water * "Thank you god" *she mumbled to herself as she came to a halt in front of the large waterfall, tears threaten to fall in utter happiness. Taking a moment to glance the around the landscape she noticed something not to fair off "Someone must be home" a small wooden cabin sat in the centre of the small clearing, smoke rising out of the Chimney. "What else can go wrong" she asked her self the rhetorical question, knowing that nothing went her way.