Grandest ship has the worst best kept secret.

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The world has finally ended all the land is flooded this is the last remaining form of life on the planet. This magnificent boat that was made for a time like this where nothing in the world existed. This boat holds approximitely 20,000 people and some managed to get their animals on board. You did not need to pay to be on this ship since it was to save the last few survivors on earth. Everything seems to be fine but in the later years of this boat murders and people dieing unexpectedly start to happen. This is strange because it's normally a perfectly good boat with humans and even the population is starting to grow. It seems like the killings are supernatural the wounds inflicted are not of normal cuts and things you would find on a murder victim. Also a plane comes and goes every now and then with what survivors it can find floating atop debris. Enjoy your stay on Freedom Ship, or it might be your last.
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(Can someone please play the boy in this picture? Thanks he's a brother of mine. His name is Derek)

Lakira was bugging her brother again like she always did. "Come on I really want to go looki outside again on the top of the ship." Even though there was nothing to see she enjoyed it up there even though she could see nothing but the water and the horizon. Her brother rolled his eyes since the whole desctruction of the world he would not let her out of his site for a moment. This got annoying since she could not do anything on her own anymore without him tagging along. "Come on please?" She gave him the old puppy dog look that always used to get him but nowadays it did not work so well. Derek sighed and smiled about how cute she was being then laughed. "Alright lets go." He said while walking towards the nearest stairwell and slowly ascending the long climb up to the top. Lakira was not far behind him as she wanted to go faster but the stairs were steep and he was taking his time. Maybe she would go shopping later and get some nice clothes for herself. The good thing about this ship was no money was needed but little chores to pay for clothes and necessaties.Being on a boat like this was not so bad but eventually things would get boring if you see the same things over and over again.
I am a vendor on the ship. Not the clothing or the food or the alcohol. What I have is what you crave. It is the blood of the humans who gasped their last living breath. I was a collector. When they dropped I plopped with a syringe. Draining their life forces. It had no guilt. They were on the outs anyway. I have many flavors from stud to dud. Runway models to rock star. Indigent to Trump. All with a cost for the few who remain. Your sorry souls. Wishing to have one more feeling, One more shrimp on the barbie, one more fantasy....You must give up a piece of your soul. Just a pinch of it. Put your pinky in this bottle of bottles and taste what won't be yours if you don't comply. Tell me who it is and who you will become. I am Igor your life's savior. Let me have a taste of your death,. Then you may climb the casino stairs once again. If not! Well my friend I will not worry about your eventual disappearance into the dust of raging water. Sharks need to eat. No cash need just the currency of your thoughts and prayers.
Derek looked at his cute little sister who did the puppy eyes thing towards him. 'well I wont die of a bit excercise' he thought and laughed "alright lets go" he said and walked towards the stairs. He didn't want to hurry, both because he just didn't like to rush and because he wanted to bug Lakira a bit as revenge for bugging him. Derek didn't really understand why she wanted to go up there when the only thing you saw were water, what was so interesting about that?
Everytime Derek went up on the boat and looked out he hoped that he would see land, but everytime he got dissapointed. Even if the boat was nice to live on he wished to get his feets on the real ground someday, even if it was an impossible wish. But as long as Lakira were with him he wouldn't mind being on the boat.
"why do you want to go up there again anyway?" he asked when they had walked silent for a while.
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Lakira wished he would go upstairs faster but he didn't the stairs were steep and she hoped she did not fall. Why did they make these stairs way to steep anyway? "I have seen almost every store in this place and every square inch I would rather be up there looking at the water and scenery." What scenery? It was just water but when she was younger she liked the water and it calmed her down. Soon they were on the top of the boat and maybe she would get an icecream. One of the workers there owes her a few for doing some chores from him and she was craving it. The breeze lifted her hair slightly as she stepped up to the top seeing all water again.
This ship which smells like ship has sunken to levels unknown. There are bodies everywhere. From unknown times. Hair gray fading faces. Bodies which have turned to crunch as the internal juices have evaporated. A stench is all that is left. That is down here in the basement. The lives still ring their bells. Up these rot filled stairs is a never ending party of death. The life juices flew up and so did the wanting and yearning corpses that we will become. These are a lucky few. Lucille that angry bitch who stole her way through hearts and created more sorrow. Robert the excetutive nothing. Lying and cheating to find his wish. Wish granted. Your death. Your blood boils. And Emily a small child taken in a car crash but just for a moment. As you live again in the ship of fools and zombie blood.
(no prob, thought such a good story shouldn't die out before it had begun ^^)

Derek sighed and shaked is head, sometime she was just hopeless, what scenery is there to see? well who knows whats going on in a girls mind, it's easier if you don't try to understand them. 'Finally up at the top' Derek thought and watched his sister go towards the edge of the boat to look out on the ocean. Derek went after her a bit slower and leaned himself on the rail beside her. he watched out on the water, a bit dissapointed that another day had gone by without land in sight. How long would it take for him to adapt to this? His thoughts flied around untill he come to think about the mystic deaths that had occured lately. 'Hope they find the culprit soon' he thought worried about Lakira. He barely could leave her for two minutes without getting a nervous breakdown and thinking the next time he sees her would be in a coffin. He hold himself so close he could nowadays, sometimes he even stalked her around when she went shopping just to make sure she would be fine. 'I wonder if I am over protective' he thought to himself, shaking his head and laught a bit, then put away all his thoughts and looked out over the horizon.
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A soft breeze lifted her hair and touched his cheek she noticed this and laughed at him it probably tickled. She knew he was worried about her but for now there was nothing that could happen to her. There was nothing on this ship that she knew of that was going to happen or that was wrong on this ship. "I'm going to go get my icecream." Turning around she started walking along the side of the ship towards the icecream vendor. She had to pass the weird vendor with all the blood but she steered clear of him and knew her brother would come soon after. "Hot fudge sundae please." She said while leaning against the counter looking at the weird guy that was into all sorts of blood and things. Since he was on the ship no one really went near him. After she took the sundae she started it and let the coolness fill her throat.
Derek looked after her but couldn't stay put for so long and started to go after her. Soon after she had started to eat her sundae Derek came up behind her. He took her hand which she had the icecream in and licked the icecream. "It's good" he said and smirked teasingly.
"Hey get your own." He knew that she had a few free sundae's so he was more then welcome to have one of her's but did not have to lick hers. "Eww now it has your germs on it." She didn't care they were twins and there were no germs on this ship there was a special decontamination so no one got diseases.
"If my germs are so disgusting, then you can give me the rest" He said and smirked at her. He then got distracted by some dark clouds that came closer their ship "I think we should go in, it looks like bad weather is on the way" He said and then shivered by the cold breeze that suddenly surprised him "I hope it doesn't become a hurricane" he said a bit worried when they suddenly saw a lightning and heard the thunder very close to their location.