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  1. In this roleplay you create a character that would reside in the world of GTA or Saint's Row for here, the city of Stilwater exists inside the Grand Theft Auto Universe. Vehicles from either universe are acceptable but it would be preferred if the rocket launchers and other heavy weapons were kept to a minimum, reserved for special scenarios like heists and not in the trunk of your car at all times.

    It is important to note that this roleplay isn't going to quite as over the top as Saint's Row IV. There will be no alien attacks. Maybe we can bring STAGG in later.

    This Roleplay is set in Stilwater and will feature the rise of the Saints and their battles against the other gangs in their efforts to take control of the city. When the Saints do take control they plan on limiting criminal activities to those deemed acceptable. They plan on eliminating the nastier drugs, human trafficking, and other more despicable crimes.

    It's most likely you are a member of the Saints, a new gang rising in the city hoping to clean up the streets. You might be interested in joining, or maybe taking control of the entire city yourself. You might also be a citizen or even a member of a rival gang but being a member of a rival gang is going to make it harder to interact with the majority of other players who are likely to be saints.


    The Third Street Saints
    Leader: Julius Little
    Gang Colours: Purple
    Residing upon Third Street, often referred to as "the row", is a dilapidated church. This is the headquarters of the Saints. They were formed by Julius Little and their goal is to take over the crime in the city and ensure that it remains "clean" and doesn't destroy the city's youth.
    Traditionally, when one petitions to join the Third Street Saints they undergo a process called Canonization. Basically a half dozen gang members beat the crap out of the new person. They aren't expected to win. It is a test of character.

    Sons of Samedi
    Leader: The General
    Colours: Green
    The Sons of Samedi are a gang consisting of Central and South American drug smugglers. The Sons aren't as interested controlling territory like other gangs and instead focus on the distribution of their product, a drug called "Loa Dust". These drug labs are heavily fortified and protected. They also, thanks to their South American connections, have access to some very powerful ordinance.
    The creepiest thing about the Sons is one of their lieutenants, "Mr. Sunshine", who seemingly possessed voudouin mystical powers. He is said to be able to kill people at a distance using only a canvas doll!

    The Ronin
    Leader: Shogo Akuji
    Colours: Yellow
    Particularly violent and bloody, the Ronin are firmly entrenched in the politics of Stilwater. Like the Sons of Samedi the Ronin have international support. They are easily recognizable by their brilliant leather jackets, custom racing bikes and their particular love for carrying katana blades. Their lieutenant, Jyunichi, runs a dojo where those in the gang, interested in swordsmanship are trained. They possess a casino, and have a rivalry over a new, but very small gang barely worth mentioning called the Rollerz over their two competing underground racing circuits.

    The Morning Star
    Leaders: Viola and Kiki DeWynter
    Colours: Red
    The Morning Star are the city's provider of vice, dealing with prostitution and human trafficking. They also are powerful politically, resorting to blackmail on a regular basis. They have good relations with the Sons of Samedi, purchasing their product in quantity to sell to the affluent and influential people that frequent their dens.


    This is a GTA and Saint's Row roleplay. Essentially that would mean "Sandbox". Here is what I would expect:
    -Character Sheets are optional. This is the Jump-In section after all.
    -You can get shot up, eat a few P&Q packs, snag a burger, bang a whore and then feel much better. Truly deadly wounds involve staying at a hospital over night!
    -If someone does you a decent favour and goes down in a gunfight. You DO NOT walk over and pop them a dozen times in the head. That's just rude. Let the ambulance pick them up so that you can have a rivalry.
    -You aren't a ninja, vigilante, veteran combat sniper kicked out of Merryweather for being too badass.
    -Weaponry will be mostly limited to small arms, grenades and the like. Even then you won't want to use a grenade. Those damn things are expensive. Rocket Launchers, grenade launchers and the like are the types of things you would use on heists and dispose after the job is done because they're too hot.
    -I shouldn't have to say this but... This isn't the "libertine" section. Post accordingly.
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