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Is it ever ok to correct someone's spelling/grammar?

  1. No, just be polite and ignore it

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  2. Only if you are their parent or teacher

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  3. Yes, if no one says anything they'll think it's right

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  4. Yes, just don't make it your whole comment and be nice about it

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  5. It's not that important so long as you know what they were trying to say

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  6. Bad English is ok on the internet, it's just formal writing that matters

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  1. A Grammar Nazi is someone who terrorizes others over poor grammar/spelling, or at the very least is anal-retentive over it

    I'm a bit of a Nazi in that bad grammar and spelling irritate me to a degree, but I've gotten a lot better at letting it go

    But lately I've noticed a lot of the bad English coming from adults and parents, and I can't help but wonder how they're going to teach their kids to communicate when they can't even bother with spellchecks!

    Do you think it's okay to point out English mistakes in the interest of teaching? Is it ok to turn a blind eye to bad communication for the sake of politeness?
  2. I like decently proper English in my roleplaying partners. I know I'm not perfect, Microsoft Word always reminds me with the green squigglies. But what I'm really looking for more than accuracy is a sense of effort. Are you trying to write well? And I'll be honest, when I look at someone who chronically misspells words, forgets capitalization, doesn't use punctuation... it makes me feel like they don't care about what they're writing, and if they don't care about what they're writing, I'm kind of not interested in role-playing with them.
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  3. I don't really correct, I let my own writing speak for me, and I'm not perfect. As long as I understand what they are trying to say its no biggie. I will usually just ask what they meant otherwise and of course be polite while doing so.
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  4. I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi in that it annoys me, but I won't go and blurt out a person's mistakes. If I'm RPing with someone who constantly shows any obvious mistakes, I let my writing be an example for 'em, ya know?
  5. Wouldn't it be the more rude to let poor grammar and spelling go? They'll face it one day anyway and if you're polite about the corrections it should be all right to point out. As long as they aren't buried/burned alive by the criticism.

    Recently I've seen such a case around, on another site. Poor grammar and spelling skills, barely grasped the basics and no one understands what they are writing. However everyone who encountered the person in question kept quiet and recently the mods had to demote their role play to a lower level. Reasons: the level of grammar and spelling was not up to par to the level the role player wished to write at. Painful and humiliating. And it goes farther. Fellow role players have started to ignore the member, the reason: They are unable to tell the person that their grammar and spelling sucks. Kind of cowardly and also disrespectful towards the person in question.

    So back to my opinion: one is allowed to criticize another's grammar and spelling a little. If done so politely and inside of a PM, one on one. Since I'm one who is against openly criticizing others inside of the forums. It undermines the dignity of a fellow member of the site, even if you do barely know each other. Besides, a little feedback all makes us a better person. Perhaps that next time someone will get back at you with some grand tip and 'snap' there goes a moment of enlightenment.

    As for my own habits. I'm not much of a grammar nazi. As long as I'm capable of understanding it I'm content. Mine aren't all that great either way, but a lot better than to when I started. We can't all be native English speakers/writers, right?
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  6. It doesn't bother me as long as I can still understand it, but if there are too many errors, I usually bring it up.
  7. If it's just the occasional word here and there, I only correct people when the timing is appropriate. And then I just spell out the word the right way and continue on with the conversation. >>

    If I'm in a roleplay with someone who is making a lot of grammar errors (the punctuation and capital letters kind) and they are doing it with every post, I always bring it up. It's hard to read when people don't get the basic sentence structures down. Spelling I am not as fussy over as long as I know what the word is!
  8. A lot of people are commenting about English errors in Roleplay posts

    Totally agree; quality of the post is usually an indicator of effort, well, that and if their grammar irritates you that much you probably don't get along that well as partners anyway o.o

    I was more talking about bad grammar in conversations, FB statuses, etcetera
  9. Oh! Like that.

    Well depends who it is I talk to. Since I'm a foreigner who grew up trilingual I've always lived with the consequences of language barriers. My parents don't speak or write the language of the country I grew up within, very well. The barrier of the switch is just too big for them to overcome after almost twenty years. All of my absence notes from high school were written by myself, copied down by my parent and then signed, just to give an example.

    So I will correct my parents on occasion. If the mistake really is too much to look at. However, most of the time I let them off on grammar. After all; people understand them and that is something.

    However, if it were to be my professor who made the mistake. I'm just less tolerate the more professional our relationship is. So I'll have my fun in correcting them. Of course, again I wouldn't point it out with everyone around. Rather do it in person.

    If they: tlk lk ths. Then I won't bother to understand it. No matter what language it is and whether it is the language I'm most fluent in. I will ask them to spell out their words fully. Don't want to misunderstand them and it is annoying to read. Besides, I wouldn't know why anyone should type like that. Easier it is not. At least for me, I find it to be more time consuming than typing it out like you normally would. Neither is it fun, but that could be just me.
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  10. Why aren't there options like "Yes, and it should be the whole topic of the subsequent conversation" or "Yes, and it should be as mean as possible"? Those would've been my votes.

    More meaningful answer coming after this break.
  11. Because we discourage being mean on Iwaku <3
  12. Man, this thread makes me wonder how the actual nazi felt about grammar. Like if Nazi themselves of grammar nazi, giving the final option to constant violators of the Alot error.
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  13. Personally, I correct people on their grammar mistakes a lot, but I don't make it big deal.

    If it's a child, I'll tell them, "Oh, it's actually proper to say it this way." And then let it go.

    If it's an adult, I don't tell them unless I know specifically they won't mind. In my area of Texas, there are a LOT of people who aren't formally educated, and correcting them would make them feel belittled, rather than it coming off as a general interest.

    I also really really despise poor spelling, even more so than poor grammar. However, I realize that spelling isn't easy for everyone, and that some people may have various difficulties with spelling. So, more often than not, I let it slide.

    What REALLY riles me up is when someone wants me to spell EVERYTHING for them when they haven't tried to spell it themselves. I have a coworker who wouldn't bother to try to spell anything and would only write a part of the word, then leaving the rest unfinished for someone else to decipher. It was so hard to follow any notes or written instructions from her. D:

    In other words, I guess you could say I don't mind if you give it your best effort.

    But your best effort means that you are also a proactive learner, never a reactive learner. A proactive learner seeks to learn for the sake of knowledge itself, while a reactive learner only learns when they are deficit of the knowledge required.
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  14. I'm very situation specific when it comes to correcting people.

    In RP, I almost never correct my partners. Only if all three following criteria have been met will I comment:
    a) I must care enough about the RP that I want it to improve
    b) I must not be emotionally attached so much that I will be sad if my partner quits over it
    c) The issue must come up at least every three posts
    d) The RPer seems unaware/unconcerned of the mistake. (for example, if xe's dyslexic and gets embarrassed when xe misses a typo, I'd stay shut the Hell up)

    In RP-related chat, I'm a lot more willing to correct, though I do it nicely. Not all OOC conversation is expected to be grammatically correct, but I figure most RPers want to write correctly. ^^ I tend to comment only if the mistake is made multiple times, though.

    In non-RP chat on the internet, it has to be one of my pet peeves, or in a situation where proper English is expected.

    IRL, I'll correct most people if the writing is going to be seen by the public (or at least multiple people) because I think it's better for one person to say something and maybe make them feel stupid than a bunch of people to potentially notice and think the writer is stupid. This goes double for my friends. They've learned not to ask me to proofread their stuff unless they want me to point out all the weird stuff they don't know.

    Now, here are my pet peeves:
    -pronoun confusion
    -capitalization errors
    -runon sentences & paragraphs
    -wrong your, there, or to
    -incorrect contractions
    -"I could care less"

    And here are a list of things I couldn't care less about (PROFANITY WARNING):
    -commas. You have to really fuck them up before they bother me. Personally, I use too many. Why? Because I put a comma where one clause/thought transitions into another. Why? BECAUSE WE FUCKING TALK THAT WAY. Why the fuck would I write differently than I speak? Makes it difficult to read. A half pause is one of the most important ways to separate ideas. For example, the comma before the "but" in my RP-related chat section. Can you imagine what a mouthful that would be? Reading it all at once sounds funny to me, and the half pause helps to separate the idea and get across the effect that it's a supplemental thought to the primary idea of the sentence.
    -quotation mark grammar. If you use them and I can tell what's being spoken and what isn't, incorrectly punctuating within/without the marks themselves probably isn't going to bug me.
    -tense shift with time shift. I get that you're not supposed to slide tenses, but sometimes in RP or worldbuilding you're speaking of the past and present pretty simultaneously, or panning from one to the other. As long as it's an intentional shift and not accidental, I don't care if you write about a past event and then one in the present and then back to past without any more clear change than the end of a paragraph.
    -syntax. Motherfucking syntax. Writing is speech and thought combined. Write the fucking way it sounds right in your head, proper sentence structure be damned. If it conveys the idea better while incorrect, fuck the rules.

    Really, I don't see grammar as rules so much as an explanation for what should naturally happen in writing. Breaking a rule is only bad when it prevents oneself/others from being understood or understanding correctly. It's kind of like driving. If you need to speed to avoid a wreck... yeah, you broke the rules, but the rules are in place to prevent wrecks... which you did. Following the rules usually makes things easier for everyone, but the purpose matters more than the letter of the law.
  15. I can be accepting of bad grammar. I'll decipher it to the best of my ability and move on to the next thing.

    I, however, will insult the bad grammar. I won't correct it, I'll just mention how horrible it is. It's pretty awkward because of how deadpan I tend to be.
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  17. I have just one thing to say.

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  18. I've terrible grammar.
  19. I use spell check and my grammar is elementary at best.

    I think when people correct others it's more about them than it is the misspelled word or poorly written sentence. Just sayin' ;)
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