Gradindale Trials

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Miss Morg sat down in the leather chair, smirking at the chair facing away from her. She held her face in one hand and fiddled around with the principal's desk nametag,"Calamity Atom". On cue, the door swung open revealing a ginger haired boy with green eyes and freckles, closing and locking the door. The principal rotated his chair around, slowly, showing him petting his tabby cat, Wonton. Wonton hopped off his lap and Atom took out his notepad and pen. (Atom wears a suit and mask, never showing his face or skin whatsoever so he can't talk)
'We have to do something about this Aoi boy! He has my ring and if he gets too attached to it, he might discover "our dimension" sooner or later. ' Atom wrote.
"Perhaps we could just convince him and if not, we trick him," Roy, the ginger, said.
"How about we let Rufius take care of him in the dimension for us then we take the ring back? Otherwise, I have my own plans," a dark aura began forming around Morg.
'Killing isn't necessary at this point, Morg. We musn't cause a scene, we could get caught by the Cordelia Council. No magic allowed in the earth dimension or they'll put us in for good.'
"Well, he is my student, why not I just brainwash him? We could destroy the Cordelia and Cassandrian families once and for all, after what they've done to my tribe, they will pay!" Morg's eyes turned ruby red.
"Morg could be right, Aoi is friends with the Cordelian princess, we could do so many things!" Roy agreed.
'You both don't understand. Killing him will cause both of our dimensions to.... "decay". Aoi is our only Crosser who will lead the rest of earth's generation to our world. He is our only hope. Rufius is evil but I know for sure that Aoi and his fellow companions will be able to stop him. I can feel it.'

-Character must be fantasy
-No Godmodding
-Need the story to be changed or adjust, tell me please!
-Tell me whether you want your character's information to be public knowledge or personal
-Let me and the 'others' know if you're easily offended in discussing about religion, God, Satan.. etc.
-Character can be just about anything except there has to be something unusual about him/her (supernatural etc)
-Creatures are references from other form of entertainment but will still be made up

Mateharu Aoi:
-14 years old, black hair, brown eyes
-into anime, especially harems
-shy, caring, curious, helpful (protagonist stereotype)

Morg ???:
-no information has be yet revealed...

Rufius Ballidstor:
-17 years old, red hair, odd eyes, one red the other gold
-has a thing for bunnies
-always sarcastic, flirtatious, easily angered, easily jealous but is very loyal and kind

Calamity Atom:
-47 years old, appearance is unknown
-has a huge collection of masks and a thing for cats
-normal and nice on the outside, piss him off and he'll becom psychotic and violent... for a principal

Roy ???:
-year of age isn't known, ginger with fuzzy hair, freckles, and green eyes
-into the butterfly effect and time anomalies, loves playing the piano and violin on his own time
-very shy, a shutin, antisocial, socially awkward.

( far...)
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