Governments new pet 1x1 (looking for partner)

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  1. Hello how are you so here's my roleplay

    On the down low a government facility has been abducting people, and doing some horrible experiments on them and they rather called these people missing or tarests. Your now one of these people that now have been taken in, that's when you meet me. We try to make up a plain to try to escape but it looks like it's going to be harder than we thought. Over time the experiment start to make more sense why are they doing this are doing this to us. They are trying to make super soldiers and they're using us as a guinea pig. For each and unique powers that they may or may not give them.

    Cool plot right X3 anyway now on to my character (please post yours please) you can be any age, gender whatever this is a friendship one

    Name: Lexus Bre Martin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Looks: 35176-1girl-p-brown-eyes-brown
    Personality: observant, acts tough but underneath she's soft,spunky, smartass she always has a sly comment, friendly, tough and resourceful
    Power: Shapeshift (animals only)
    Power weakness: Barely has control over her changes and their animal instincts
    Short backstory: Lexus was passed from foster home to foster home, she never felt like she could fit in anywhere so at the age of 13 she ran away. She lived on the streets for some time she picked up odd end jobs to pay for her needs.


    1. be descriptive as possible
    2. Please post your character
    . feel free to mak e anything happen ( except escaping that will come in a later point)
    3. If there's more than one who want to rp this I'll roleplay with you guys to
    4. I like to rp in third prison but you can rp in first or third its up to you
    5. please tell me if your leaving and I'll do the same
    6. I'm in collage so if I don't reply to you quickly enough please wait if it takes longer than a day please reply to me
    7. This is a friendship rp no romance sorry (imsick of those)
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