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Everyone will have days where you need to cry about your problems. Apparently, I can't cry them out here, but I will limit my activity on every game. Some of you have heard of my problems elsewhere. Sadly, I can't believe how much stress it. As much as I have wanted to come back here at full force, certain circumstances bogged me down from my previous endeavors.

But I need to reprioritize, reorganize and get back on my feet.

he fact that role-playing is not a substitute for reality is important. I took too much time investing on my games to ignore my future. In fact, it's shying me away from my career as a pediatric neurologist.

What are these circumstances?

Personal Stuff
Well, I know this sounds personal, but I have no problem sharing that. As some might have heard/known, I have Asperger Syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism. As I partake in more games, I am beyond overstimulated. I cannot take on more than three or four games, especially now that my plate's full. I also have incoming college courses that are very difficult.

In layman's terms, my brain can't take the pain writing sheets when I need to study for college. Although I might promise on having things done soon, I am exhausted from making failed [or prolonged] promises. I hate procrastination! It tears me apart having to do this, but my schedule calls for major changes.
Family Stuff
My mother has a disk degenerative disease, which dissolves parts of her vertebrae. Because of it, she's suffering from horrible back pains. Whenever she gets her back injections, I have to be there with her, wondering if she's okay. Just hearing about my mother's condition makes me cringe. Right now, she's my first priority.

On top of this, my grandmother is [for now, permanently] at a nursing home. She has terrible seizures, dementia and Alzheimer's. I'm very worried about losing her. I can't even think properly because of it. She's in a horrible, dilapidated nursing home with horrible health care. For now, I don't even know how to react.
College is tough! I need money for my college semesters, but I don't have ideas on how to get it. In addition to this, because I have an official disability, job acceptance is less than satisfactory. I just... can't deal with it.

For now, that's why everything's been blocked up.

As for the Role Plays
@Skyswimsky ~ I'm still in this, but don't be surprised if my activity wanes down. I'll have to limit my time to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from now on. I'm taking my character sheet offline for formatting reasons. your game is absolutely amazing. I always look forward to playing with you.

The Good-For-Nothing Student Council
@Ichinomiya Eruna ~ I know I have promised on working on a sheet. However, I doubt if I'm going to participate. Even if I do, it would be much later. I apologize for these [sudden] circumstances.

Everyone, it hasn't been long of a return, but I'll be sure to work out my problems.


It's okay. I'm not one of your partners but I truly hope things begin to work out.


You go!! :D You're a tough cookie!
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