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  1. Hello there!

    My name is Erika and I've been RPing for about 10+ years. A bit about myself:
    * I RP in 3rd person past tense
    * My posts tend to be around 4+ paragraphs and I generally expect similar results
    * I typically main female characters but I fill the world with secondary characters
    * I focus on character development and world building
    * Sex in story lines is fine as long as the plot doesn't focus on it

    I have several ideas in mind, but I'll start with the one I am most excited about.

    A Cursed Fate
    Your character is one that comes from a fallen house in a world of lore where noble families must marry to other noble families. Your character's mother/father married beneath their station and gave birth to him. The curse, or self-fulfilled prophecy, has destroyed mother and father alike and, slowly but surely, the servants have abandoned the broken home. The village below has fallen into despair and there are whispers of the phantom that takes over the old noble mansion. Cursed and alone, your character sinks into their loneliness and anger.

    My character escapes the cruelty of her home in the village below and seeks refuge in the abandoned mansion. By coming to the darkest place imaginable, she has given herself over to his keeping and service in order to avoid the horrors awaiting her below. Throughout time, their relationship and friendship grows and it is up to her to bring back his family's former glory.

    I am open to world development and character development with this. I would absolutely love to talk about this.

    My other ideas are:
    ** A Greek mythology story about the champions of the gods fighting demons amongst the earth and in their own heart. A widower seeks the afterlife, but is not granted it until he finishes his quest. A sister must find her brother across time and the space of earth. A deal is made with Hades and an equally powerful one is made with Athena.
    ** A circus is more than it seems and the secret powers within are growing stronger. What appears to be a simple circus act is closer to real life than people expect. (Still looking for a conflict with this one... I am thinking dark romance, but not sure.)
    ** Two warring nations come together and settle their rocky differences in the shape of a marriage. However, another nation, angry at this bond, capture the princess and she is cursed to remain near the river lest she shrivel and die. Will she get back to the marriage she so dreads? Will so embrace the wishes of the magical nation?
    ** In a world where most people have power over the elements, a war is waged between fire and water, light and dark, earth and air. Both sides seek power and balance, but through subjugation of the other. There is a prophecy about a child with abilities over more than one element. The power of this child will be vast and enough to sway the tide of the war. The mother of this child escapes from the war into a portal that brings her to the modern realm. She leaves her home, her supposed dead lover and father of the child, and lives peacefully in this realm for ten years. After those ten peaceful years, her world has found her and seeks the child.
    ** Anything involving pirates would be great! I haven't had one in a long time and I would LOVE it.
    ** I would love a gritty and modern supernatural story. Something involving city crime, witches, vampires, werewolves, and that sort of thing. I'd love to get into factions, gangs, and anything that involves the struggle for power in a broken city.
    ** I am open to ANY ideas. Please, lay them on me!

    Please PM or respond here if you're interested. I'd love to talk!
  2. Still looking!
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