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  1. Hi there! Straight to the point: I have a specific plot in mind. Actually I have many but this is one that I'm itching for in particular that I never seem to ever get to flesh out. It's fairly straightforward but I have plenty of plots and twists in mind:

    Unlikely Pairing (open)
    You are the Princess. Loved by all your subjects and held in the highest esteem by your parents. You've been raised with all of the best education the world has to offer and as such you have grown to be the object of desire for many a noble far across the land.

    I am the newly crowned King of the neighboring country; given my title after years at war with your country. A war that has recently culminated with your father executing my father (the once King), in an attempt to break his kingdom's will. Far to the contrary, he's only succeeded in sending me into a fit of rage wherein, during a daring operation, I invade your capital and take your father into custody, thus ending the war.

    Our story starts here. I may have won the war but it came at a great cost to both our armies. In an attempt to discourage any other country from invading either of our lands my advisors proposed a marriage between us, a solidification of our two empires to consolidate what little force we have left. Needless to say neither of us are happy with the idea even though it is agreed that this is the best idea.

    Now I need to stress that you need not apply unless you believe your writing skill to be exceptional. I'm sorry if this sounds douchey or snobby but I simply can't RP with a parter who can't write well. I've tried, multiple times, and it just doesn't work for me. It dulls my imaginative juices lol. I'm not saying that everything has to be perfect, lord knows I make my fair share punctuation errors at times, but I still need someone who is exceptional at writing. Also I would prefer if my partner is comfortable with at least three paragraphs per post. Me personally, I can write novels, but anything under three (barring conversational scenes of course) makes it hard for me to responds. I also am looking for a partner who doesn't mind being strong willed. This plot will involve a lot of animosity between our characters (at the beginning at least). It would be great to find a partner who is willing to butt heads with my character. I must warn that there will be plenty of abuse happening; mental, emotional, and physical abuse.

    If this sounds like you, send me a PM!
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  2. I'd be interested, but we already have two rps together. :P
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  3. I love the plot basis and the idea of the two characters butting heads though im not sure my writeing level would suit yours, i use a phone to post, seeing as i dint own a computer, despite that i can manage 2 and a half paragraphs sometimes less if i have a migraine. I can send a copy of one of my nore recent starter posts if you wouldnt mind discussing this idea with me that is? ^.^
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  4. If you are still looking I would love to play this out with you.
  5. Thanks for all the responses guys! As of right now I believe I've found a pretty good partner for this so I'm no longer looking for this particular plot. Nonetheless I'm still open to any other ideas anyone might have. :->
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