Got a large-scale Mecha/Space Sci-Fi RP, but no partners.

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  1. Okay, the thread title is a little misleading. I do need a partner/s for this RP, but that isn't the primary goal of the thread. Well, it is, but more of a search for a convenient partner/s.

    Really, I have a great RP idea, very large-scale. The only problem is, Iwaku only allows SO many images per thread post, and I'd rather not put half of the CSs in the comments. On top of that, I can't do group RPs On-site, the comments of threads, group threads, and the PM system with multiple players isn't exactly appealing to me (No offense intended to the site). My point is, for a group RP, I'd like to take it to Skype, for multiple reasons.
    1.) Skype allows you to upload Microsoft Word Documents instead of copy and pasting images and Character Sheets, and I have at least 10 different character sheets involved in this RP.

    2.) The group chats are neat and organized, and you get a notification the EXACT moment somebody replies, leading to more progress in less time.

    Normally, I'd be fine RPing on-site, it's just this is the ONLY way I'll do Group RPs.

    So, I need at least 3 partner submissions (2 females, and one male who is willing to play both genders as villains)
    I need people who are comfortable with blood/guts/oil RPs, as well as polygamy in an RP.

    Note to Mods: I am sorry for the location of this Thread, but I couldn't zero in on a single place to put it. I figured it would fit in Group Adventure, Group Sci-fi, off-site advertisements, etc. So if you have to move this thread, so be it, but please notify me. Also, no excessive comments please from normal members reminding me to move this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.