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  1. i n t r o

    hi. i'm gore.

    so, i'm gonna be straight-forward here - this is the first time i've actually advertised for liberteen role-plays. i typically am not one to do a lot of smut, so i'm still really fresh and new to this type of thing.

    i'm looking for some patient people who are happy to be soft on a 'newcomer' of sorts to this style.

    - -

    r u l e s

    i'm a proficient writer. though i usually mirror post, my norm is two+ paragraphs.

    i do have decent spelling and grammar in ic posting. i tend to just do my own thing in ooc.

    i don't like one-liners, at all. in fact, i fucking hate them. keep them away from me.

    my posting speed is just a little under the speed of a snail. patience is highly appreciated.

    i'm generally a bit of a quiet person. unless i have an idea to share and we plan something for the rp, or something comes up about the rp, i tend to not chat a whole lot over ooc.

    i prefer role-playing in threads. pms aren't as conventional and don't feel quite the same to use.

    i love, love romance. seriously. i eat that shit up. i have literally no limits on how cliche or cute you wanna make the romance.

    these ideas are most likely only going to be m/f, with a couple that i'd like for m// and f//. a little of everything.

    i may not be able to handle more than one or two partners, because i have a horribly busy life right now. i don't want to overwhelm myself.

    i tend to keep character sheets simple. that means a basis of name, age, gender, appearance, and personality traits. i'll occasionally expand on them if you prefer more detailed ones. i'm capable of detailed sheets, but shorter ones are faster and do for a better story, imo.

    i typically prefer written descriptions, anime images, or face-claiming with real celebrities/actors. i'll let you know which of them i'd rather we use based on the idea.

    though i'm fully aware that this is the smut section of the forums, i prefer fade to black when the privates come out and go in. the foreplay leading up to it and even immediately after it's done is absolutely fine by me, but the scenes themselves tend to be .. awkward for me to detail. i'm grey-asexual in real life, and this is the point that i'd like to try and explore a little, so please be patient about this with me and please respect my boundaries.

    - -

    k i n k s

    [!] - this kink will only be used if consented to use by partner.

    height difference
    muscularity (men)
    semi-consensual [!]
    intimidation [!]
    some humiliation [!]
    clothed/partially clothed
    clothing removal (shirts, belts, bras, etc.)
    hands (stroking, grabbing, holding, etc.)
    kissing (lips, jaw, neck, stomach, etc.)
    restraining (wrist-holding, etc.)
    breath/noise (gasping, moaning, whimpering, etc.)
    exhaustion (relaxation, after-sex sleepiness, etc.)
    bondage (bed sheets, cuffs, rope, etc.) [!]
    dominant/submissive play [!]
    consented non-con role-play (partners consent to role-play a non-con situation) [!]
    some sadomasochism (whipping [belts or whips], slapping, bruising) [!]
    vore (ONLY for pairings with giant characters, always soft and non-fatal, mostly mouth-play) [!]

    [ if i think of anymore, i'll add them. ]

    - -

    p a i r i n g s

    = craving
    = more plot
    = equal plot/smut
    * = preferred
    crossed out = taken

    m o d e r n
    f a n t a s y

    [ ]
    werewolf* / human

    there's a new kid in town, and the pack is wary.

    the town is small, sleepy - a secluded little place with beautiful nature on almost every side. trees expanding out for miles, nature flourishing. little happens, and the town is kept away from trouble all thanks to it's guardians.

    now, the people of the town don't know they have guardians - they're silent protectors, a group called cedarbane. cedarbane is a pack of werewolves, with it's own alpha, betas, and deltas to keep all in the town free from harm.

    but now, a new person has moved into the town - muse b - and cedarbane is on full alert. they're always very wary of newcomers, as any could be a potential threat to the humble townsfolk, and they always have to do a thorough check to make sure that any new member of the town isn't a threat.

    so, the alpha of cedarbane has sent out the beta in charge of evaluation of newcomers to watch them carefully - muse a. muse a takes on the job and goes out on the watch.

    as time passes, muse a, rather than keeping himself emotionally detached, becomes curious with muse b. the person seems a little subdued at first - nervous in the new town. he can tell they're human, by their scent and features, but there's something else about them that he can't help but detect. it's as if he gravitates towards them when he sees them, or wants to. he doesn't know what it is, but this attraction is very strong, stronger than anything he'd felt before.

    muse a knows that muse b is safe, no threat, but he can't report back just yet. this strange feeling is new and foreign to him, and he needs to find out what it could possibly be. so, he continues watching muse b from afar.

    now, muse b isn't completely oblivious. they've seen this guy, muse a, in many of the places they've gone, and gets the feeling he's following them after so many coincidental show-ups. it weirds them out, so they decide to confront this guy the next chance they get.

    and, surely enough, muse b catches him again, and this time, they go up to him and ask quite directly if he's been following them. muse a, shocked that they were the first one to speak to him (and surprised at their straight-forward question), has trouble responding. he realizes what they're getting at about him, and he quickly tries to explain that he isn't a stalker or anything and doesn't mean to be creepy. he just never really knew how to approach them, and thought he knew them from somewhere. it was a hasty excuse, but muse b believed it, luckily.

    the initial meeting is awkward, to a big degree, but it fades as muse a introduces himself dorkily and muse b returns the introduction, still suspicious, but subtly. the two talk for a little bit and muse b mentions that they're new, and muse a jumps at it, welcoming them and telling them all about the little place enthusiastically.

    muse b, at this point, is quite interested in muse a and his quirky ways. they decide that he most likely isn't a stalker - most likely - and the two, after a little time together, have to part ways. but, the sparks of interest have already ignited a tiny flame that would grow with time.

    muse a reports back to the alpha that the newcomer is safe, and in private, discusses the strange emotions he's been feeling towards them. the alpha recognizes these emotions as a werewolf trait called bonding. it's a sign that muse b might possibly be his bonded soul, or 'soul-mate', as some might call it - which is a huge deal in werewolf tradition. though it's considered somewhat taboo for a werewolf to bond with a human, the alpha allows the beta to continue his pursuit, but be slow and cautious about it, as sometimes, instinct can be wrong. muse a agrees.

    muse a begins to develop a little friendship with muse b, popping up at paced intervals to greet them or chat a little. they grow closer, and muse a begins to introduce muse b to his friends - his pack members. muse b becomes friends with most everyone in his pack, and grows close to muse a, feeling an attraction similar to his slowly but surely as they grow closer and closer together.

    however, muse a can't hide what he is, and what all of his friends are, for long. he can feel the bond, and the rest of his pack feels it too, and even muse b feels the bond in their human way - and the pack and muse a knows it's genuine. but what will muse a do when he faces a decision that could break the bond he's made - let muse b live in the dark forever, constantly hiding his second self away? or show muse b the truth and possibly lose all they've built?

    m*/f or m//

    [ - ]
    werewolf / vampire

    society isn't as bland as humans take it to be. in fact, what humans call 'diversity' shies in the shadow of the diversity that lies beyond skepticism, beyond the veil of simple mortal human life. other species exist within our world, creatures of the supernatural, and they change with the times as humans do. they adapt and exist in our world without us even knowing.

    now, there are many species to list, far too many to list here, so we'll just focus on the two species that correlate here - werewolves and vampires. the species, contrary to popular belief, aren't caught up in some ancient war or rivalry or anything, not nearly as bad as some put it. as times have changed, monarchies and leadership systems in these species have broken down, and now, it's every person for themselves. they can decide who they like and who they want to avoid.

    however, the tales that humans have woven about these species does ingrain some natural caution with the two. there's still a fire between them, something that some choose to ignite and some choose to snuff out, but interactions between these two species can still be considered odd, or even taboo.

    but anyways, there's a popular kid, muse a, who just so happens to be hiding his identity as a werewolf, under the guise of a typical teenage human. muse a is a sociable and adventurous type, and he has quite a few friends to list. some are of his kind, and the others are human - that is, until now.

    there's a new girl, muse b, that has entered his friend circle - a quiet, subdued type who doesn't seem to have much life in her. muse b seems to keep herself out of the wild life and carries a mysterious vibe, but also something else that muse a picks up on. there's something unique about muse b, but he can't tell what that something is.

    a day comes when it's announced that muse a's friend circle will be hosting a bonfire, and everyone in the circle is invited - including muse b. the strange girl accepts the invite, but when the bonfire night actually comes, she seems distant from the jovial banter and event going on, sitting off to the side.

    muse a notices this. he'd been curious about muse b anyways, so he decides to waltz over and try to strike up a conversation, maybe figure out her deal.

    as it so turns out, muse a and muse b have quite a lot in common with each other. the two find themselves wrapped up in getting to know each other before they have to part ways, and both of them sense something different in one another. little does muse a know, muse b is actually a vampire in the guise of a human. the two don't recognize that one is different in such a way, however.

    time passes, and the two, thinking the other is human, desperately have to hide all the strange things that happen with themselves as they grow closer. humor and bonding would ensue, and a whole lot of excuses, but in the end, muse a and muse b would grow close enough to start crushing on one another, and maybe even feel more than that.

    but, what is to happen when they find one another in their true natures? what will come of all they've created together when they realize that something close between their kinds is looked on with caution?


    [ - ]
    merman* / human

    muse a is stranded out on the sea. she was originally aboard a cruise-liner, but a massive storm caused major panic, and the boat was so berated that it was urged to abandon ship. muse a had managed to get supplies and her own lifeboat, and she was then out to sea, unsure of her direction.

    now, muse a's supplies were dwindling and the loneliness was starting to get to her. she lost track of the time, simply allowing the days and nights to pass as she waited for someone to cross her path and rescue her. she had tried to get moving somewhere, but it had taken so much energy out of her that it was difficult to go on for long periods of time without taking up her precious water supply.

    so, muse a waited, and the fear of never being found was beginning to set in.

    but something crosses her path that she never would have expected - muse b. little does muse a and the rest of humankind know, merfolk - mermaids and mermen - do exist in the depths of the sea, and they were still roaming the ocean to that day. but there was something that humans would have never expected that was different about merfolk.

    this merperson in question was a male, and happened to be of orca whale descent. this actually had an effect on his size, because the fish origin of the merperson would have an effect on physical appearance in more than just skin color and scale color. so, instead of being the size of a normal man, muse b was actually much larger - around fifty to sixty feet in all, actually. pretty massive. though merfolk could change to a human form, the ability was very, very rarely used, as merfolk usually lived in the sea and didn't like being too far from their homes.

    but anyways, muse b happens to come across muse a's lifeboat, and out of curiosity, goes to inspect it. of course, muse a is absolutely terrified at first, but upon revealing the lack of malicious intent of muse b, she actually grows rather curious about him herself.

    little does muse a realize at first, muse b might just be the ticket to her survival, and to her getting back home. but will they grow attached to one another over time, and will it affect her decisions?

    m*/f or m//

    m o d e r n
    r e a l i s t i c

    [ - ]
    long distance/online crush / long distance/online crush

    it started out simply. muse a followed muse b's blog, and eventually, muse b followed back, liking muse a's blog design and content. little did either of them know that such an insignificant-seeming action would start such an elaborate relationship.

    the mutuals started to talk to one another. it started out with small, awkward messages of 'hi's and 'how are you's, and started to expand into actual conversations with time. they started to get more and more comfortable with each other, getting to know one another's lives and personalities better. in fact, their other friends were quite surprised at how well they meshed - it became a joke that they were 'shipped together' by their friends.

    but oddly, they not only worked well together, but they both felt the strangest gravitation towards each other. they were both unique in their own ways, but in ways that weren't accepted by others - different genders, unorthodox sexualities, discovering themselves and being cast off for it everywhere but their blog site.

    and with time, they get deeper and deeper into each other emotionally. muse a and muse b go to each other in times of need, of emotional instability. they trust each other more than anyone. they talk on skype almost daily, and they both seem to realize that the feelings they're developing aren't just feelings of friendship.

    a point comes when muse a and muse b's friend circle decides that it's about time they were to meet up. they agree to meet up at muse a's place, all old enough to go drive and be out on their own without parents or living situations holding them back. the group gathers at muse a's home, and muse b is the last to arrive.

    when muse a and muse b see one another, they're overjoyed. they're both gushing with excitement and happiness at finally meeting each other, and the same level of excitement goes for their other mutuals and friends in the house. the excitement is alive with this group, and muse a and muse b can't believe their eyes each time they look at each other. being there, being where they can actually physically be with one another.

    the group all see sparks flying high between muse a and muse b, and with the good amount of time that the group has to be with each other, they encourage the so-called 'ship' between the two. the crushes get stronger.

    but this blissful time together couldn't last forever. muse a, muse b, and their group of friends only have limited time.

    what will happen between muse a and muse b with their newly-recognized feelings towards one another? will their feelings stay strong even in their time of physical separation? will they work around the distance? or will it all crash and burn with their time away?

    m/f or m//

    [ ]
    player / outcast

    so let me tell you about this gem called creekmont high.

    creekmont high is a school where all of the cliches seem to collect into one big cluster-fuck. you've got your gum-poppin' cheerleaders, your education-obsessed nerds, your tough and thick-skulled jocks, your black-clad troublemakers, your chilled-out and foggy-headed stoners. you can find just about every type of person here at creekmont.

    we also can't forget about the populars, the kings and queens of the social ladder. among them is one who takes the hearts of every girl and a good few boys, a kid who can charm you with nothing but his eyes and the dashing charm to his looks - the player of the school, muse a. the love guru. the leader of a gaggle of teenage girls who loves to lead their hearts to vulnerability, get his blissful time to their lovely parts, and kick them off to the side in the end. he's moved from girl to girl, girl to guy, guy to guy, and back again. he's gotten to so many in his years here, and yet - there are also a few that he hasn't gotten to.

    despite muse a's erratic movement along the sexual spectrum of creekmont, there's someone that he's had his eye on for a while - and not exactly in the lustful way. no, nobody knows it - he hides it real damn well. he sees her and he finds a weird feeling in his stomach and in his heart.

    oddly enough, this girl is the one girl that has nobody. no clique, no friend group - just herself. muse b.

    muse b is a girl who's always tired, always struggling to succeed. struggling keep her grades up. she's a very mysterious person, a girl that people tend to avoid because of the reserved, personal air she carries - an outcast. an underdog. there's something to muse b, something behind that quiet front she puts on, but nobody has noticed it enough to be curious. why would they? silly to notice a girl who rarely talks, right?

    well, you'd be surprised. it's funny how the one person who has noticed this girl and harbored a secret curiosity about her, is muse a, one of the kings of the hearts of practically every student of the school.

    sometimes, people seem to forget that muse a has more outside of the whole lusting thing - and let me tell you, something's there alright, something that's dusty and pushed away by his lack of commitment. a while of watching this girl from afar makes him realize that these feelings - these lost feelings of actual, true crushing, true yearning for commitment and for a steady someone to be only his and to only be theirs - are brought out in him when he sees her. it flutters weakly, a butterfly left to starve, being given nectar one tiny droplet at a time from the sight of muse b. it's killing muse a, and he has no idea how to react. how to approach her, how to convince himself that these feelings are real without going to her himself.

    maybe it was fate, maybe some otherworldly phenomenon that brought them together - but against all the logic of 'popular with popular, outcast with outcast', the teacher of his class assigns muse a to partner with muse b for a project. it's one of the two classes that he has with her, one of the classes that he steals glances at her in, everyday. but now, now, he finally has a chance to actually talk to her, with an excuse to do it.

    the first couple of classes are awkward, but slowly, muse b starts to warm up to muse a, the one that she has heard so many awful rumors about. muse a, this boy who was said to fuck anyone that he could get his hands on. and muse a, in turn, starts to warm up to muse b as well. feelings and attitudes within him start to dig themselves out of their graves, feelings so rare and new that he could barely make sense of them, making him feel fluttering and embarrassment in her presence - something that he swore he'd probably never feel again, would never feel in front of others.

    and as much as the two are so weirdly repelled by the idea of being together - an underdog with a top dog, a thief of hearts and one whose heart was cracking - they start to feel something blossom.

    will muse a, the player, among the leaders of creekmont's social ladder, start to realize something more intricate for muse b? will she reveal things that he never knew about himself? will she open up and trust him the way that he so desperately wishes that she would, trust him to keep her life and her secrets safe? and will they overcome the obstacles of their statuses together, the jealousy and envy from others in their school?


    [ ]
    regular / cafe worker

    this is a simple little story, in an urbanized little town with a renowned coffee shop called the caroulette café.

    the caroulette café is well-known for being quite truly one of the most organic, and at the same time inexpensive, coffee shops around. every ingredient is specially picked out and bought, created by hand fresh, and pastries and beverages all have a natural, amazing taste unlike any other shop out there.

    muse b happens to be lucky enough to work at the caroulette café. the owner is a kindly woman with a lot of money to spare, and gave muse b the job when they were starving for money. being a worker at the café is a blessing, as there's such a friendly, close-knit staff and the pay is so good for every worker. it's a perfect job for muse b.

    there are customers that come and go from the shop, and there are regulars who come around practically every day for their fill. muse a happens to be one of these regulars, and a very popular one too.

    muse b notices muse a come in every day, and can't help but find muse a attractive. i mean, basically the whole rest of the staff thinks the same thing, but muse b feels something a little stronger than just aesthetic pleasure towards muse a. they don't realize that they're growing a crush on muse a until it's too late - and muse b has barely ever spoken to them.

    muse b, having few people to go to, talks about this with the other staff, and they become all giggly and teasing about it. they tell muse b more about muse a, that the person isn't too well known and even a little mysterious, and few people in the town are close to them. however, they decide to help muse b try to get muse a's attention, and they do so in the strangest way.

    they formulate a plan for muse b, which involves muse b being the main server whenever muse a comes in. muse b was to start writing tiny, progressively more open compliments on the cups of muse a alongside their name. though it's very flustering for muse b at first, they get more and more confident over time, and muse a notices these little compliments more and more.

    sparks start to fly, but where will this quirky coffee shop crush lead them?

    m/f or f// or m//

    h i g h
    f a n t a s y

    [ ]
    giant / human

    there's a village that nobody has ever had the courage to leave. it's a small place, with a tight-knit community of villagers to keep it going, but there are very, very few who leave the village. rumors of horrible monsters ready to eat humans at any chance float around, and because of these rumors, parents drill the teaching into the heads of their children - never go into the forest.

    we move to focus on a young person, muse a, whom is looked down upon by many in their town. a questionable family life leads to little respect for them and their parents. they're a very big target for being pushed around, and eventually, they get sick of it.

    when muse a finally retaliates to the bullying, the children get angry and attempt to chase them down and make them pay. without realizing, the person sprints into the forest, just wanting to get away from those others, the adrenaline clouding their sensibility.

    it isn't until they stop to take a breath and calm down that muse a realizes just how screwed they are. they have no idea where they came from in the forest, and when they realize where they are, they attempt to backtrack - only getting themselves even more deeply lost. it's terrifying, and after a few hours, they feel like just giving up.

    wandering into a small clearing in the trees, muse a makes a spot for themselves and accepts their fate, sitting down to let themselves be captured by whatever beasts roamed the trees. a good hour passes before they actually hear something - hear and feel. the ground, oddly, starts to tremor lightly.

    when it starts to get more intense, they find themselves starting to become afraid again. it's too late, however - a long shadow casts over the clearing, and frozen in fear, muse a cranes their neck back to stare up into the face of muse b.

    muse b is a giant - somewhere in the range of sixty five to seventy feet tall. he's a lone wanderer, traveling and surviving in the forests and lands and collecting whatever he could as he went. it was only then that he came across muse a, and he decided to stop and ask if they were lost.

    muse a has no idea what to do, having never seen a giant in the flesh, up close, before. they expect him to be stony and serious in composure, something along the lines of a weathered warrior - but, they're in for a surprise when he acts entirely playful and light-hearted towards them, even if a little mischievous and intimidating, his young face complimenting the personality well.

    though muse a is still terrified to the bone, they manage to answer his question of being lost with a yes. muse b, having nothing to do, asks if they would like help getting home - and, though they're extremely reluctant, they accept the offer. they still don't trust the giant, but any help is good help.

    m*/f or m//

    [ - ]
    pet* / owner

    life is simple. in this world, you're either a part of the poor ones, a part of the middle class, or a part of the rich. the rich are considered the most blessed, as gold is abundant and their homes and lifestyles are so lavish and lovely.

    muse b is the child of one of these upper class families. in such a different world, societies have ingrained the medieval lifestyle into themselves - no guns or technology. simplicity. and even with this, muse b still has all they could ever want or need and more. they, however, are not what you'd expect from the spawn of a rich family - in fact, they might be completely the opposite.

    muse b uses their wealth for others, and often gives rather than gets. they love to help others, love to share their wealth, and their parents are even proud of them for this. they're compassionate and grateful, which are two of the greatest qualities that could be possessed from one of the upper-class.

    muse b's father comes home one day and takes muse b outside, to find that their father had bought them an animal, a pet. but not just any pet - no, this was a beast, huge and intimidating. the father tells them it's a tamed, exotic, and highly intelligent creature that ran for a lot of money on the market, and he wanted to give muse b a gift as a token of his pride for them.

    muse b, despite loving the gift, is quite scared of the beast at first. however, the intelligence of the beast is quickly recognized as it responds to muse b's even light and timid commands, and happens to be quite gentle with muse b, despite the monstrous size and strength. muse b quickly grows an attachment to the beast.

    little does muse b realize, the beast is not just a smart animal - this is actually muse a, a therianthrope who wanted to use his shifting capabilities to get him to this luxurious lifestyle. he once lived as a monster, a beast of a boy that was either feared or hated - and now here he was, recognized as exotic and intelligent, living in a high class home.

    and even though muse a was prepared for any personalities he would have to face, meeting muse b was not nearly as bad as he expected. in fact, it was a pleasant surprise to find how uniquely calm and grateful muse b was. he, too, grew an attachment, and owner and pet become quite close friends as time goes on.

    however, muse a begins to get restless. he's fond of muse b, and wishes he could meet them as a human, as they're around the same age. muse b is his best friend, and he wishes he could tell them that.

    so, a day comes where muse b comes home from going out to find not their pet in their room, but a handsome, ruffled-looking young man dressed in furs that look almost tribal - who turns out to be muse a. how would muse b react to this discovery? will they keep their beloved pet's secret safe, or rat them out and have muse a sentenced to a life of exile - or even an end to his life?

    m*/f or m//

    [ - ]
    dragon therianthrope* / panther therianthrope

    muse b is the fiercest creature in the land. they're a therianthrope, with the ability to shift into a wild panther that's double the size of a typical panther, and they're the top of the food chain. they're feared by all other creatures that they've met in their travels, and they believe that as long as they live in the wild, they can get whatever they desire as nobody wants to stand in their way.

    this goes to muse b's head. they develop a superiority complex, they enjoy exerting their power. even other humans are deathly afraid of them. muse b is unstoppable.

    or so they believe.

    a typical day of hunting begins for muse b. feeling adventurous, they decide to go outside of their usual territory, and end up chasing after one of their prey much, much deeper into the trees than they should have gone. they eventually capture their prey, but end up being unable to find their way back - they've veered from their course so much that they can't remember where they were.

    so, muse b tries to find their way back, but ends up getting even more lost than before. as they travel in these unknown lands, they enter an area where the air shifts in scent. it's a foreign scent, something they've never smelt or detected before. muse b is quite confused, and travels on.

    a point comes when muse b spots something in the distance - something large. very large. it's moving, alive. now, if muse b still had some common sense, they might have turned tail and left as fast as possible - but, with the complex of muse b, they instead decide to approach the creature, as they think the creature would fear them instead of vice-versa. so, going into incognito mode, they get closer.

    the creature is reptilian, it's quite obvious, but unlike any lizard or snake they'd ever seen. getting closer, muse b realizes that the creature is quite a few times bigger than even themselves, with dangerous claws, huge feet, and what even looks like wings on it's back.

    it's only when the creature's head turns up from it's apparent kill and towards them, even as they're hidden, that muse b realizes what this creature is - a dragon.

    the dragon shows no mercy when it spots muse b. it growls and stands, and muse b seems to snap back to reality and starts to run. for the first time in their life, they are running from something else. the dragon easily catches the panther, and pins them down.

    muse b, in a panic, shifts back into a human form and - against all of their instincts - starts to plead with the dragon to let them go. now, the dragon is quite surprised at this. this dragon happens to be muse a, who is also a therianthrope, except with a much rarer and nearly extinct second form - a dragon form. no village would accept them if they found him out, as he was considered a monster. others would mob him with torches and pitchforks if they found out. so, he's been living in the wildlands of this world, making his way and battling strange creatures that came his way.

    muse a lets the now human muse b out of his clutches, and shifts back to his own human form. the two are shocked at the other being one of them, but there's some haughtiness and tension at the start, as muse a nearly killed muse b. however, the two start talking a little, and they both find one another very interesting in their own ways - even if they still hold some annoyance with each other.

    where this will lead these two, the answer is unclear. but it's gonna be quite a change for the so-called 'king of the wild' to deal with a creature that, quite truly, was the king of all species.

    m*/f or m//

    - -

    thank you for reading this all the way through! i hope you find something you like.
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  9. I'm very interested in the long distance one
  10. updated the pairings.
  11. I'm interested in the Play/Outcast~ If that one is still opened.
  12. the "A Day in the Life" one sounds really interesting.
  13. I like the childhood friend idea. I have an idea for that but the character I'd like to use is a transgender woman and I'm not sure how okay with that you would be.
  14. added a whole new list of plots, for anyone interested.
  15. I'll gladly do the dom-appearing sub / sub-appearing dom or dragon shifter / human with you if you're willing.
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  16. can't get enough of this stuff, tbh. still around and open.
  17. I'd love to do closeted queer boy x openly queer boy if that's all fine with you. My reply speed also isn't all that fast considering the length of my posts. I can't get them under two or three paragraphs, i usually mirror post as well however. I just love all the little details so it gets to two paragraphs fast.

    The dom appearing sub and sub appearing dom thing was interesting. I have a question about this however for me to be interested. Do you mean my character would be submissive appearing in the relationship but dominant in the sheets? Or rather would my character simply come of as a very submissive person yet keeps yours under a tight leash.
  18. I would do trans boy/cis boy in a heartbeat, if you're still open!
    (With a preference for rping the trans boy, since I have personal experience in that area)
  19. Awh man so many people are interested haha I'm interested too XD but if this is already filled up, I would love to start a roleplay with you in the near future!
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