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  1. Google your current username, and what's the first link (not including your profile page) and picture (not including your profile pic) that you get?

    I got this thread and the picture below.



    And then this was #2.


  2. Link: Icy (@icystorm) | Twitter
    Pictures 1, (2, 3 and 4 also the same pony)

    What the fuck is this? People stealing my name and defiling it with My Little Pony.
  3. I got this: D: Diana

    And THIS: [​IMG]

    But if I google my ACTUAL internet name, Diana Notacat:

    Diana Notacat | SPACE-KITTEN.ORG which is my rp blog

    and [​IMG] which is my avatar on another site. XD
  4. I got this:

    Link: overview for WishfulNemo

    Picture: [​IMG]

    For the record. I do not have a reddit account.

    That picture is my current avatar on NaNoWriMo and had been my avatar here at one point.
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  5. what I expected in Search


    what I got in Images

  6. Chrysalism (open)

    Nydanna (open)

    That's my actual FFXI character too. XD
  7. Welp. I googled my user name and I didn't get anything. I got a bunch of products that don't really mean anything.

    For images I got water bottles, and fanart for the purple link. xD

    Vio is only half of my username.

    I looked up Violaceous, and once again did not find anything.

    The reasoning behind this is because Violaceous is a shade of purple. It's also in the name of a specific species of birds. ^^
  8. The first link was to a Facebook page that is not mine.

    The first image was...

    I can't say I'm surprised by this.

    Also, just searching "Kaga" led me to Japanese aircraft carriers.

    And I'm not even going to search my oldGuild username because I already know where that will take me.
  9. I'm not at all surprised. It definitely sounds like a pony name. *shrugga-shrug*
  10. -__________________- This could have been way more exciting

    "Melbourne radio station specialising in sports news and talk."


    I look pretty af
  12. I got the Falcon Wikipedia page

    first picture was
    Show Spoiler

  13. I don't even have to look up my Username, I'm just going to get a shit done of Dark Souls links and pictures.
  14. Well I certainly didn't find any of the constellations I was hoping for.
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  15. According to Google, I'm a variety of things.
    Shan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Most of them relating to Asia in some way or form.

    And I got this...interesting...picture:
    I must say, that is one impressive 'stache.
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  16. Freddy Mercury approves of this mustache.
  17. First link:

    First image:

    Show Spoiler

    Pretty much exactly what I expected.
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  18. This and


    No surprise there :p
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