DISCUSSION Google Neural Net recognizes your doodles

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  1. This thing.

    I suppose it is a sort of game. The website prompts you to quickly draw a series of images, then a neural network will try to guess what you are drawing until it gets it right or the time is up. Repeat with different drawings six times in total, and the network uses your data to get better at guessing.
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  2. That was pretty fun.
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  3. Heh, It barely understood my sammich drawing.
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  4. It didn't get mine either.

    Or my cat! D': That's like.. sad man!
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  5. it got my swan and underwear. I didn't even FINISH those.
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  6. It got mine too XD

    The underwear that is XD

    btw, did you do it on computer or mobile? I found mobile was easier.
  7. Apparently, if you don't know how to draw a lantern, it doesn't get it right. xD
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  8. Computer. Because I don't like drawing on phones.
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  9. I play with it from time to time. I can't get it to understand laptop or flip phone.
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  10. Laptop was pretty easy for me :D Pretty much below.

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  11. This is how you create super computers. Do you want to create supercomputers?
  12. Drawin a clear feather and it's like

    "Spoon? Is it a spoon? It's a spoon right? SPOON? SPOOOOOOOOOON!?! SPOOOOOO-"
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  13. When it doesn't see your plain t-shirt...I even wrote "T" on it for Pete's sake XD
  14. Did any of you guys draw basketball?
    It wasn't recognizing it and I was like "is my basketball bad?" but then I looked at the other people's drawings and it looks like half of them drew shorts. People are odd.

    I was pretty pleased with my lion doodle, though. Some of the easier things like postcard, it guesses as soon as you draw a rectangle with a square for the stamp, haha.
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  15. I drew basketball at one point and it almost didn't recognize it...then it did and I was like "How did it take you that long". If people drew shorts, though...
  16. I drew a basketball and it recognized it. It didn't recognize my stove though >.< It said... oven. *throws hands in the air*