Goodbye Sky city

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  1. eventually everyone has to go back home, no one knows who caused then to fall, but the sight was horrific when Advadi fell. That was the first to go, i watched it on the news before heading to school. a few months later Destra and Liddferd shared the fate, still no clue as to what happened. so many dead, so many soulls. There are a few rumers, radicalism, power shorts, raiders, even monsters but no one has lived to say
  2. I think you can do better than that
  3. i can lol but im running off of 2 days no sleep from a Dnd marathon, i just wanted the rough draft down. ^^
  4. Well After you sleep, I hereby challenge you to make a truly harrowing, horrific Post Apocalyptic backstory you can
  5. Ok if youre interested ^^.
  6. we'll see if I'm interested after I see the edited version of this
  7. I'm interested if the edited version is good. Though, you got me at apocalypse.
  8. Give edited, and I will promise to leave out the zombies.