Good Old times

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  1. What is your FAVORITE roleplay of all times. you do not have to anme who did it or anything like that. but talk to us about what the best rp you've ever been in how long and why

    For me it's still going it's an rp i've had for 2 going on 3 yrs now... it's a super ehro rp. and I think it's the amount of dedicationa nd effort we put into every post. I trully feel like my partner there TRIES really hard.
  2. Honestly the Criminal Minds roleplay I was in.
  3. I have two rps that I love over all other rps I have been in.

    The first one is one that I soon have been doing for a year with a lot of witches and wizards and familiars. The second one have died on me two times (hopefully we will be able to pick it up again around christmas when she gets a break from school) it was a vampire rp with a lot of blood, hot vampires and amazing plot bunnies :3 heheh We did it for a bit over half a year, then she died during the summer then we picked it up some months ago then it died again and now we may pick it up during winter. (hopefully)
  4. It's a roleplay that's died on me several times as well, we've been going at it since April. Again, it's a vampire one, but I turbo love it. It's one of the few rps I'm in that I don't dislike in some way. I love all of our characters, even the ones that I love to hate, subplots, and the general storyline, even though we're in the endgame Q.Q I'm hoping my partner can get more active during the winter holiday season.
  5. So... close... to finishing.... Dark Reign...
    It's a tie between that one and an old roleplay called Genesis.

    Dark Reign is so great to see so many people trying to incorporate themselves into a story and it's a mythos roleplay, so it feels like you're really connected and invested with it, at least to me. It's been an amazing collaboration with friends that's gone on for two years now.

    Genesis is pretty much the same explanation.
  6. I have a few. Non of them are from this site as I just joined.
    1- Superhero RP that lasted not as much a I'd liked it to. It was a mix between MARVEL and DC.
    2- "CODE" was about an organization similar to from the movie Hitman and Wanted(the movies) going against a huge line of mafia families.
    3- a group that was about items which hold powers. Each item has its own ability and if broken, it automatically is replaced with another. Like, a bus ticket teleports you to center of the city you are locate in and if it's torn apart, its abilities transfer to another bus ticket but you dont know which one. There are over a thousand of items like such but onmy a few are recorded. Non of the items repeat powers or copy them.

    I want ro make these RPs here.
  7. My favourite roleplay is probably one that I have actually finished. It was a few years ago, and I was still an inexperienced roleplayer, but I had very much fun doing it. It was also the first roleplay where I cooperated with other players to form a miniature storyline within the constraints of the story the GM wanted to tell, a storyline which I would also do now if I was given the chance. Sadly, not many roleplays get finished nowadays and few are as epic in scope as I would like, but that old roleplay definitely has a place in my heart.