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  1. Yes I know. Your mind has exploded with my originality. But seriously, who doesn't like a good pirate RP?

    The setting is as so:

    The world is mostly comprised of islands and water. The largest of them are the Northern and Southern continents which are always teetering on the brink of war. Between these two contents lay plenty of friendly towns, not so friendly towns, mysterious treasure, gigantic sea monsters, and scurvy to go around, perfect for pirates of all ages! You are a member of the *insert amazing soon to be chosen name here* pirates, a lesser known group in the big world but you plan to make a name for yourselves though a series of suicide missions awesome misadventures!

    So... hop aboard, we'll be glad to have you, a share of gold, you'll be glad to have it, try not to die, I'll be glad if you did.


    Only one:
    - Quarter master @LittleRedPanda
    - Navigator @Zarrock
    - Cook- @Phaesaris
    - Doctor @Litá Fày Fiña

    Can be multiple:
    - Gunner
    @I.S. Zero
    - Carpenter

    - Swordsman @Cambridge Hazard
    - First Mate @DANAsaur
    - Private Thief @Ookami

    You may create your own occupation if you so desire. Just run it by me to make sure it's ok.
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  2. You had me at 'pirates'. Definitely interested in the cook position!
  3. Me me me! I agree. Got sucked in at pirates.
  4. Can I be the QuaterMaster? :D
  5. Thank you both for joining!
  6. Allow me to break out my peg leg, eye-patch and compass! I am all for a pirate RP! Could I be Navigator? If not, I'd be fine with a Gunner!
  7. Interested! However, I'm still deciding on a role...
  8. Interested, as I've been re-hooked on Assassin's Creed IV lately. But I have one question before I commit.

    What are the posting expectations in regard to frequency and post length/quality?
  9. Decent grammar. At least five sentences each post. I would prefer if you posted as soon as you can within three days once your turn comes up in the posting order.
  10. Ah. I was hoping for more. I apologize if I sound snobby, but I strongly prefer somewhat lengthy posts of at least three paragraphs.

    Still, I wish you the best of luck with this. Pirates are frigging awesome.
  11. Perfectly fine. Thank you for your courtesy.
  12. I'll be glad to join! I always love a good pirate rp.
  13. Ah, just as I actually got to finishing that CS.

    Ah well, I'm willing to be the Cook, to make up for making you wait so long dude.
  14. Just wondering, but what about the position of general swashbuckler/swordsman?

    Not to channel One Piece here, but heroes do love swords.
  15. I am curious if there will be access to flintlock pistols? I'm cool with or without guns but I just want to make sure >_>
  16. We can still do the 1on1 and we already have a cook... You could be a apprentice of the cook if @Phaesaris is ok with it.

    A swordsman is perfectly fine.

    Cannons, flintlock pistols, rifles, all will be available.

    Will be glad to have you.
  17. Hi, I am interested in your role play and would like to be a Doctor for the crew if that role is open

    Also, is this fantasy setting realistic with no magic or very little rare magic or would there be more power and magic such as One Piece?
  18. Magic is rare. Mainly because the North hunts and burns people belived to be witches. However it does exist, just has to be kept secret.
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  19. Aye, I'd like to join ye' crew as a gunner!
  20. I wouldn't mind having an apprentice cook.
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