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  1. Hello everyone ! I am here thanks to another member that I met through another site, but I am unsure what they go by on here so Ill give credit when I find them !

    A little about me ?
    Well, I turn 21 this summer so we know how life is after that haha Im from a little hick town in northern Indiana but I am currently residing down in Orlando, Florida. I hate the Sunshine state so much ... I am a new mommy to a baby girl as of March 1st and it is the most exciting and rewarding, yet tiresome, thing that as ever happened to me. Cheers to the single moms out there ! Im "tatted up" with a few piercings. Jk, i have two ink spots lol Im a country kind of gal by heart, but a city chick now that im stuck in Florida. Iv worked with horses, chickens and pigeons most of my life and even worked on a dairy farm for a little bit. I chew tobacco, enjoy my Bud Light, and have no problem getting my muddin on. I'm a supporter of marijuana legalization and live by the herb every day.

    As for my writing, I started to enjoy it back as a kid and in 2009 I discovered my first RPG site. From there I learned new shit and grew to be who I am today :) Id consider myself in between the intermediate and advanced category. My grammar holds me back a bit. If you wish to start something, just shoot me a PM ! Im down for almost anything and everything !

    Anything else you wanna know, just hit me up :)

    Stay high my friends !

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Guardian Angel~ ^^
  3. Thank you ! :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Angel~ Have a great time with us here. ^^ Have a bucket of rainbows!
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  5. Welcome! I think you will enjoy it here!
  6. So far so good !
  7. Tayssi was the member who recommended this site to me :)
    There, credit given !
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