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    I saw this picture on my facebook feed today, and I really, really, really liked the idea. We give WAY too much power and time to all of the negative things in our life, saving good memories in a jar seems like a really good way to hold on to and honor the GOOD things in your life.

    I already have an empty candy jar and a billion postits. >> So I figured it was worth a try. I know my attention span will prolly forget about it most of the time, but practicing positive thoughts is never a wasted effort.

    What do YOU think about the memory jar? Are you gonna give it a try?
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  2. I really like this idea.
  3. It's a pretty awesome idea, worth a try.
  4. You can make your jar all pretty, too~

    I would try it, but I already get enough tsundere crap for how my personality contrasts with my love for sewing, baking, and soft toys.

    Maybe I'll make it a SECRET JAR O-O
  5. I have a bunch of jars laying around and a ton of stickers I could decorate it with. Might as well give it a try. :]
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  6. That's really nice :)
  7. Sorry to rain on the parade, but this seems like an incredible waste of paper. Scraps from old envelopes and bills (and political spam) is one thing.

    Besides, the best memories, you'll never need a jar for, as they stick with you forever. :P
  8. I already do something like this... And I did it without meaning to. O____O

    I ended up calling it my Memory Box, which was a Christmas themed box my dad gave to me. I thought it was too pretty to be used for simple storage so I decided to put mementos into it and it didn't include just post it notes of what happened to me. I placed my previous diaries into it, notes that I received from friends when I was in middle school, photos of my friends, good luck charms, and basically anything I wanted to keep as a good reminder. I don't always open it, but whenever I do, I find myself smiling and laughing at the things I find.

    The jar's a wonderful idea, but I prefer my box because it's big enough to keep physical things, like my diaries. XD
  9. Its really really really sweet. My mom always drilled "positive thoughts" into me growing up. Im really prone to stress so sometimes she has to really nag for me to get the message when all my work is due at once, but most of the time I'm super positive!

    Theres so much negativity in the world that its nice to read messages like yours. I don't think I would need a "happy jar" such as that, since generally I'm usually upbeat, but its certainly a fabulous little project for someone who gets the "blues" often.

    I only need to think of one thing when I am blue to cheer me up.

    My friend once said to me, "You are always smiling, all the time. When I feel like crap, your smile really cheers me up, so don't ever stop".

    That meant so much to me, it reminds me to smile, even when I dont feel positive, eventually I will get the positivity back, but if I dont smile, my friend who is having a bad day, won't cheer up a little if I'm not smiling!

    Still ... its a lovely momento, I would forget to fill the jar because I would be happy about soo much all the time xD even hearing my favourite song playing in the car makes me happy hahaha so I'd need a real big jar!
  10. Maybe if you wrote the notes in pencil (keep one tied to the jar) and erased them for reuse? Or recycled the notes at the end of the year. Failing those, an electronic journal on the computer or tablet, though you'd have to back that up
  11. Like a blog, perhaps? >;3 The jar can go towards perhaps storing something legitimate, or something food-y (like making your own pickles), while the paper can be saved for something of more importance. Everybody wins!