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  1. Do any of you have things you say it do, just for luck? Whether you believe humans can manipulate chance or not, many people have small rituals they do either to express or facilitate their hope that things will go well

    My mom knocks on wood, if there's some handy; although for her it's more a display of "I hope this goes well!" Than her actually thinking the wood-knocking will influence anything.

    I cross my fingers in much the same way, what about you?
  2. I cross my fingers and toes. And shut my eyes. At my college if you rub the book of the saint in the main building before a test it's supposed to be good luck. I tried it....didn't do that great.
  3. I tend to stretch, if that counts. I don't believe in luck much, but you perform better when you're calm of mind and body. So it's a sort of a ritual.
  4. i sleep before exams.
    i like sleeping
  5. I also knock on wood. I don't have that many luck rituals that I can think of, actually.
  6. I tend to shrug.

    No idea why. My spouse just agrees that it's what I do before I do much of anything requiring a few ounces of gray matter to function.
Thread Status:
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