Good Cop/ Bad Cop

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  1. Plot : Two cops a good cop (You) and a bad cop (me) are forced to work toegther to bring down a bit drug dealer who is very dangerous and likes to kill all those who try to find him. The good cop is a guy who plays by the rules and doesn;'t like to get out of line. he does everything that rules allow him to and hates getting touched and all but when he gets a female cop with attuide pissed off he finds the case he was doing the file goes missing and the girl has it. When he comfronts her and see's that is a bit unstable he thinks of her nothing more then a detective and nothing more or less. But when his boss demands that he work with her for she knows the streets of the city better then he does the good coip gets to see how well this girl does her job. Every one makes fun or her and she can be a bitch but she actually is very smart in the feild of work she does and her methods are very dangerous and the good cop can't belive some things she will do. But when they get themselves intoa dangerous case and the bad cops family is in danger and the good cop gets kicked off the case. Can the good cop rally leave the bad cop to take on a master drug dealer and his possey ? Its time for the good cop to get comfortable with doing some strange stuff to help his partner.

    Good cop : does things by the book, doesn't like to get outside of his comfort zone. Hates when people are bitches but admires people who get the job done.

    Bad cop : Bad ass female that gives little tono shit about the rules. Crazy meathods, a bit unstable but she can get the job done and has a sharp tounge but strange meathods. She has a good heart and very smart compared to other feild agents.

    Name : Detective Starla
    age : 22
    Feild role (FBI, Detective, Officer) : Detective
    Personality : She can be very rude, dark sinster at times. But she has her mind in the right sense, she can get her job done even using very scary and dangerous tactics. She can in deed be a bitch and a very fine and regal female but she knows how to get people to talk. She is a bit unstable in the head but maybe that's how she does her job so well. She seems to disown her family thinking they had to be the reason she is so messed up her family hates her, because well. She threw her brother in jail for selling drugs. She doesn't talk about herself much but she has a past that not many cops had to go through.
    Likes : Guns, swearing, dangerous tactics, dangerous cases as well as shooting people in the dick (hey it works) driving a car after people , getting out of her and others comfort zones. She also likes weapons she is diverse in her weapon training able to use alot od odd weapons to get jobs done as well.
    Dislikes : good cops that play by the rules, her officer in charge, men that think she is unstable, her own family
    Picture (real or Anime is fine) : [​IMG]
    Real Life Picture [​IMG]
    weapons : two hidden throwing knives as well as a whole stash of weapons in her apartment

    Detective Starla Dog compaion is that of a dog named Lyla [​IMG]
    Layla is an army Trained dog for two years and works with starla now happily. Two became best friends and ver leave each other sides no matter what happens. Lyal is a ard headed dog that would rather die then leave starla. She has a lot of training in hunting and finding people. her nose is the best of the forces able to detect drugs even if there is a plate of hot wings. Will bite guys so just warning.
    Lyla just being herself
    Lyla resting (don't bother her)
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