Good bye, CBoxers.

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What I have to say is going to make people mad, but I do not care in the least. People have lost any idea of what civility is. Those of you who insist on insults and derision have shown your lack of intelligence. I am leaving CBox, in order to make it less possible to get angry at you. When you gain some intelligence and geniality, I may return.
Calling the kettle black much?

You were insulting others just as much as the next guy.
Showing your intelligence? It is what it is. Like I said, you would not like it, and I can see I was right.
Again, you do realize YOU were insulting others? Clearly you have shown your own lack of intelligence.
You and the group of your cohorts insulted a fine member of the Iwaku community. I stood up for him, and got the brunt of your insulting ways. You were first in the insult category. I have already apologized for my mouth to the appropriate authorities. I shall not do so to you.
Not open for further replies.