Good as Hell Character Portraits, ALWAYS open- (Updated)

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    • I DO DRAW WOMEN, but i have no be the first one!

      These will be priced so it is fair to me and the time I spend on them.
      Right now I'm offering Sketch Busts for $30
      Art by the hourly rate ($15 per hour).

      To pay you can use this link and insert how much we agreed on,
      no more and no less..unless you want to tip

      If you think this is fair, feel free to post your oc's previous art/face claims or a description.

      • No Refunds.
      • Pay first, then I'll draw.
      • Edits within reason can be done if i get something wrong, I won't redraw from scratch
      • I can and will refuse service to anyone who is disrespectful
      • I do draw NSFW, there is no extra fee...but I will choose whether or not I want to draw the particular subject matter.

      Look at the samples tab for...samples.

    • Expect something like this, colored always though
      So don't mind that the second sample has no color please.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • I can also be paid by the hour $15 and I'll draw as much as I can in that time frame.
      call it the mystery grab bag, it all depends how much time you pay for.

      you might get
      • multiple headshots
      • a half body or two
      • almost a full body
      • a mix of any of the above



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  1. Oh shit, your art is incredible. I've gotta dig through my character stash and come up with someone who would look fabulous in your style, 'cause I need me one of these.
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  2. hehe, thanks. I hope you can pick someone xD
  3. I wish and want the artists here to value their time and art enough to charge at least what is minimum wage where they live.

    It only helps us as artists.
    Low prices only hurts our craft and how people value it.

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  4. I've found myself thinking a few times that I'd be willing to pay more for someone's art, since what I'm paying doesn't seem like enough. Although I don't have the experience to question artists' pricing, I'd guess that at least some are undervaluing their work.
  5. So I know you said you were doing busts right now, but I love ypur art and am looking to get my dnd characters drawn. I wanted full body and am willing to pay the extra. I also have a couple group shots I want. Basically I'd pay whatever and there would be four images total. Two with one character. One with 6 and one with 4. The group shots I'm thinking of using as christmas presents so it would be shared with those whose characters are pictured of course with credits and the works. Anyway if you're interested awesome, if not I understand. If you are just pm me and we can talk further.
  6. my fullbody sketches are a flat $50 each character (with colors included, no discounts on multiple characters)

    count how many figures i'll draw in total and just multiply it by 50 and you'll know the price...if that number is ok with you then we can go ahead.
  7. Well I definitely want at least my two solo characters and that price is fine. I'll work on getting you pics/descriptions. As far as the group shots go I'll admit that's more than I wanted to pay but I understand it's a lot of work. Would it be 30 for each character for the group shots if it was a bust?
  8. yep. 30 for each character if they are busts. if they have wings, i'll put em in.
  9. Still open!
    don't have slots so there are no slots to get full.
  10. Tbh, my situation has become an emergency.
    I ask for help in promoting my services before I lose what I have.
  11. Oh oh, I would love a sketch bust from you. :D Give me a sec to write a more detailed description, I'll shoot you a PM.
  12. sure thing c:
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Recently finished this drawing,
    Slots to be done next:
    2 full bodies
    then a 4 hour draw session.
  15. Current WIPS

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  16. Gonna get on to finishing those two wips from above. they are overdue but I have free time from work.
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