Gomenasai minna..

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  1. I'm sorry to announce that I might be leaving this site for a while. Not many of my threads are getting much conversation in them, and I feel maybe I just need a little time to clear my head. Maybe I'll be gone for a week or two. If I'm not back on after two weeks from now, consider me gone. Gomenasai to the people I RPed with the most, @Zeon , @Griever. , @Spark , @Scarlett's Secret , and anyone I may have missed. I wish it were different, but I feel I'm starting to be less interesting by the post, so I want to take a break.

    If you would like to keep in touch, find me on facebook at Aragwen Krisaadi. If not, I won't take offense. All RPs I have, I leave @Zeon in charge of if he'd like. If not, then i guess leave them to whatever fate awaits them. I wish you all the best, and I certainly won't forget my experience here, if I do not return. One partial reason, is because I am a gamer, and I am looking forward to Destiny, which releases for 360 in a few days now, so I want to have a little time to play the actual game. The Beta was great as well.

    I hope you all have a fun time here on Iwaku, and I may or may not speak with you again. :/
  2. D: Aww man, bye Aragwen! You led me to take part in some great RP's and I will take over the RP's you've left. I hope you do come back, and Destiny was pretty awesome, it's not your fault! :D
  3. Thank you. While that's one reason, I am also a bit sick, as well as one of my friends being in a bad way currently, so I'll be taking a tiny break, till everything gets settled, I will be watching things to see how they're going from time to time, but if everything persists, I will most likely have to stop RPing.
  4. We'll it was fun I have to say c: thanks for helping me out. Sorry I hadn't been on I've been very busy. But thanks!
  5. Everything is a bit hectic, and I feel that has been affecting my RPing ability, so my time here will be very limited. I will be getting destiny soon to hopefully clear my head of all current worries. My friend is getting her life back on track slowly, but my cold has not let up at all. In fact, it has gotten a little worse. But once I get better, I may be back for good. I will also be starting on a new project next month. I may post the pics in a blog or something. I've been planning to make a clubhouse for my niece, but with little money for the supplies, not enough wood, let alone good enough wood to use, and this horrible cold, I had to set the construction back a month. This is unfortunately all the time I can spare for now, minna. Gomenasai.
  6. While I am mostly back on the site, I am still out of it, as I went to the fair earlier, and had a tiny major mishap on one of the rides, which has left me luckily with just a scraped up arm, a bump on my head where I hit the ground, and a few bruises on my side. I'd rather not go back into detail and alarm anyone, but basically, I fell out of a rotating ride that the worker had failed to fasten me into properly, and make sure the door was closed right, so I'm in a little pain, though not dead, or in the hospital. So this will be the last I post here. I am back, and will be trying to post on my most recent RPs