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    So me and a friend of mine (I'll let him introduce himself if he pleases) got a bit of a concept going for a new roleplay. Worldbuilding really hasn't happened yet since we wanted to see if you guys would want to join.

    Basically, he wanted to do a mech RP and after a bit of discussion we decided it would be cool if we did it in a fantasy setting and our PCs piloted Golems. The Golems are usually operated by a soul that is bound to them and gives each one personality. Therefore they can still act on their own and (some) even speak, though they are restricted to their masters' wishes and are never as effective at any task as they are when their masters' pilot them. Some are allowed free will by their creators but all are restricted by commands, as this is the nature of Golems.

    The plot and in general things to do in the RP will be episodic and (hopefully) organic. We are not against a more grand, over-arcing plot but if that happens then it would have grown from the roleplay and it'll have to make sense.

    I'm not really one to limit creativity so I'd say that your PC and your Golem could be whatever you please as long as it makes sense in a fantasy setting. Good or evil, human or squidfaceman, stone, mushroom, crypt or ghostly essence (Cool material but probably not very practical for punching) Golems, I don't care just go do what you do. We'll probably conceptualize the world, plot and what-have-you around your characters anyway so really just do as you please.

    So if any of you are interested in the idea of playing out your own personal golem suit then please tell us and we can make some cool things together. I mean, why wouldn't you? We just gave you a cool picture to look at for free. Most people are willing to pay to use their eyes.
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  2. I'm certainly interested in do this rp with you, I have a golem character that I would love to use.
  3. interested
  4. Goodie goodie goodie!
  5. You have grasped my attention.
  6. Because I totally didn't express interest in this when you asked me on Skype:
    I am still interested. ^~^
  7. And I am that friend he mentioned. I shall be functioning as a co-GM and can field concepts, questions, concerns, and help with creation.
  8. Why, hello friends!

    By the by, the OOC is in the making. At the moment I am constructing the setting so it is taking a little bit. I hope it is not a bother!~
  9. The OOC is out! Is it everything you have ever dreamed of and hoped for? I know I'm mildly satisfied with it. That's a good thing!
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