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  1. Goldmoore High - Home of the Lions
    Saturday - July - 1:00PM

    Saturday at 1PM was the perfect time for Jordan to go looking for a cigarette. Most of her smoke intake came from other peoples stash, no matter how often she promised to pay back. Jordan was that annoying girl who could bat her eyelids at a dealer for free pills. The sun beat down on her as she walked through the summer heat, her red skirt bouncing far too high up her legs. Her collection of friends usually were around the park area. When she said friends, she meant fuck buddies, cigarette suppliers and general idiots who didn't find her that annoying. It was a perfect collection, really.

    She pulled up her black thigh highs to stay on her legs as she walked quickly to the swing set, finding a collection of her friends. "Hey losers, anybody sparing a smoke?" She pouted her glossy lips, folding her arms as she leaned against the frame. The collection consisted of most of them. She liked them all, but got along with some more than others. Dustin was great, she didn't like any of his other friends, but he was pretty funny. She watched him play soccer with the disliked friends before she turned to Cameron and Zaire. Cameron was a cutie and she loved his care-free attitude, even if he found her cigarette-stealing habit a little annoying. Zaire on the other hand, didn't seem to mind. That much. Mainly because she was blowing the guy every night and he was a slave to her legs, but she still valued him. She looked at the other girl in the circle, Erin. She certainly didn't look like she belonged, but Jordan loved to poke fun at her clumsiness and nerdiness. She found her cute, but it was obvious she had her eyes set on strictly dicks.

    "Why does he hang around with pinheads like them?" Jordan nodded in Dustin's direction as she narrowed her eyes at the men. Maybe they weren't all bad, she thought as her eyes followed the perky boy behinds, covered neatly in shorts.


    "Pass to the centre - The Centre!" Dustin jogged around the field, yelling at the other players as they kicked the ball around the field, attempting to score in the make-do goals. Nobody seemed to be listening to him, because they selfishly hogged the ball in attempt to look good. He hated that. His forehead sweated in the summer heat, making his gelled hair go limper than usual. He sported a tank top and shorts, like he was expecting to play sport. Even though it was the weekend, Dustin still played whatever sport the others were. They weren't his friends, so to say, but his teammates. His actual friends were watching him as he played.

    He gave them a quick wave as he went to pick up the water bottle. He watched Jordan join them. There was something weird going on between Zaire, Jordan and himself. He found no romance between it, and there was nearly no sex between him and Jordan. Zaire was more like his secret gay lover who helped him get over a long day of being straight. He was pretty sure everyone in the group knew though. Still, no feelings excluding friendship. Just like his other two friends. Cameron was also especially attractive, but Dustin didn't know if he was that hot for him, or if he just really craved men. He also thought Erin was gorgeous and more intelligent than all four of them put together. Jordan was also hot, but she was more sultry, Erin was much prettier. He'd never dream about telling them that though.

    Dustin could see them gossiping in his direction, but he turned to continue the game, sticking up a middle finger quickly to them, knowing their conversation would be rude, if it was about him. For sure. "Okay, let me be in goal!"


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  2. [​IMG]

    The afternoon was a beautiful one as the sun was high in the sky and beating down on all the teens hanging out. It seemed to be a bit annoying for the heat that it brought but it didn't seem to bug Erin. She was almost comfortable in it as she sat on the light colored swing set. There was a light breeze and it just hit her right as she moved with the push of her red converses against the ground. She was a shy one as she listened in on the random conversations surrounding her, lightly picking up on what everybody was saying. She was used to doing this but nobody seemed to mind her not talking very much. Seeing as she was very smart and sweet, it almost offset the group and how they all personally acted. Cameron's the loner, Jordan's the hot one, Dustin's the jock, and Zaire.. He was a little odd. And then there was Erin, the shy clumsy one that doesn't seem to fit in the group but somehow she manages.

    It doesn't bother her much as she likes being in the group of misfits as she watched the smoke passing between them. She wasn't a smoker but she couldn't help but giggle as she watched Jordan work her magic to get a cigarette. She watches this interaction everyday though it never seems to get old. Rolling her dark green eyes she reached across Cameron who was sitting on her left, the swing right next to hers, and grabbed a cigarette from his pack. He barely even moved as his light eyes just watched what she was doing.
    "Here." She said in a small voice as she handed it to her before leaning back into the swing. She actually felt a little bold by what she did though Cameron didn't really mind if she did or took anything from him. Somehow, they had a clear understanding with him as she was shy and he was quiet. They've always just stuck with one another because it's comfrtable. Turning to look at him, she sent him a small smile which she got a smirk in return. It only made her cheeks redden as she looked away and out at Dustin playing soccer.

    That only made her cheeks redden more as she watched him play the field. She was too shy to ever act upon anything with him as she knew he wouldn't like a girl like her. Erin couldn't even play a sport to save her life and the last time she did, she sprained her wrist by tripping over herself to simply get the ball. Since then, she hasn't done anything and it makes her uncomfortable. At least it wasn't bad watching someone else play as her eyes seemed to be trained on him as a light smile touched her full lips. She wasn't paying too much attention to Jordan as she spoke of him and she just shrugged her shoulders in response. Looking away from him, she just glanced down at her high waisted jeans and simple white tee shirt.
    "I don't know." Erin said, flicking her eyes up to meet hers, as she got sight of Dustin flicking them off. That only made her laugh.



    The day simply seemed to drag for Cameron as he was settled on the swing with Erin and Zaire. He really wasn't a fan of the heat and that showed on his face as a scowl cast over his lips. A cigarette hung from his lips to show what they've been doing so far with the day as it was already his third. He didn't really mind though, once a cigarette was hanging from his lips nothing could bother him. And he relaxed visibly as he moved slowly on the swing set before reaching up to let out a cloud of smoke escape him. He seemed better even as his trademark smirk appeared back on his face, especially after catching sight of Jordan walking over toward them. Something about her just made him shake his head as he was awaiting the same question he got everyday. He didn't even have time to react to her as Erin reached across him to grab a cigarette for her. It only made him smirk as he turned away.
    "I guess she beat me to the punch, sweetheart." He said with a shrug as he continued to move on the swing. Today, he wasn't going to put up a fight with her as he just got a fresh pack and wasn't running out like the last time she asked.

    His light colored eyes would occasionally flicker to the sport being played in front of him. He was okay and could play, just didn't really care to do that was a bunch of people he could careless for. The only reason he would go out there is to play against Dustin. Now that would be interesting as he let out a chuckle to himself. He would like to seem them both verse each other. But he just continued to flick the ashes off of his cigarette before glancing at everyone else.
    "Maybe he does it to show how tough he is." Cameron said with a light laugh as he lifted up his hand to flick Dustin off. He couldn't help it as he watched Erin giggle next to them. She barely spoke but found it amusing when she did.

    "Now my question is. Is he planning on playing this all day? I really don't care to sit here and watch this shit forever." He said with a simple eye roll as he finished off his cigarette and tossed it to the ground. The back of his black shoes quickly crushed it to make sure it died out before he stood from the swings. He brushed at his holed jeans then quickly crossed his arms over his Nirvana shirt as he glanced around at everyone.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Zaire was standing there, back against the pole near the swings as his little group got together for one of Dustin's games. Now, Zaire wasn't necessarily into soccer, but he was there as a good friend and he took out a marlboro menthol light box from the pocket of his jean jacket as well as a lighter in silence, lighting away the cigarette before putting everything back in his pocket."Hey losers, anybody sparing a smoke?" he heard, looking ever so slightly over his shoulder."Yeah, wait your turn if you're patient enough." The male remarked with a nod of his head as he looked away and took the cigarette away from his pink lips, a cloud of smoke leaving through his nose.

    Zaire was tall and broad shouldered. He was pretty fit, and also the criminal of the school. However he was quite knowledgable than credited for and his use of big words often surprised others. He was pretty much known around the school and some towns maybe. Dark brown/black shaggy hair, 2 finger tattoos of a crown and 'flour de lis', and a dogtag. Things couldn't get any more interesting with him. He frequently got into brawls, drank himself drunk in the streets, and slept around the school. He also loved to sleep with girls who are best friends as that brings him,"the most joy.".. The yelling, the drama, him saying,"I'm with Jordan", more drama, and then their boyfriends wanting to fight him. Hey--It wasn't necessarily his fault he was walking around like fucking royalty. Better then being treated like some peasant.

    "Now my question is. Is he planning on playing this all day? I really don't care to sit here and watch this shit forever." Cameron handed Jordan his cigarette. More for him then."Shut it Cameron..." He muttered, before immediately looking his way."Not to be rude." He shrugged, holding his hand up and clarifying before looking back at the game."We're his friends. Best friends. Might as well go for the sake of our roles. I mean-How do you think i feel?" the male paused, raising his hand at the game and looking at the group."I'm a big star! I don't need to be dealing with you peasants!" He scoffed, half-heartedly. Zaire was also known for his witty and cocky behavior and the male looked back at the game, shouting.


    Zaire yelled."More like i'll give him some of my Dick.." The male said turning around as his mouth stretched to a upside down 'V' with his eyes widened before he laughed."Just kidding." he said, forgetting that the group possibly already knew about Dustin--Or maybe not. Either way he forgets or keeps secrets. Eventually, the male chucked his cigarette ahead of him and sighed, taking a seat on one of the swings and nearly grabbing onto Jordan to cuddle around her sides."You look so nice in those..." He said, voice muffled by her curves as he nearly snuggled his face into her sides before staring back into the game. The male was obviously referring to her black thigh highs mostly and he yawned."I'm starting to think you're wearing them because the lord is here.--I'm the lord." He chuckled, referring to himself as royalty.
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  4. J O R D A N

    A cigarette was passed from Erin, which made Jordan smile. "You're a doll." She grinned before putting the cigarette between her teeth. Cameron didn't look too impressed. But then again, when did he ever? He was one of her main smoke incomes. She fished into her bra for her lighter before quickly lighting up the cigarette. A breath of smoke and relief left her as she leaned back again, smoking the cigarette. "We might be his friends but we aren't his cheerleaders." Jordan shrugged as Cameron and Zaire bickered. She didn't mind watching as much. They'd be doing the exact same thing, but without the soccer, so it made no difference to her. "Oh fuck off Zaire. No one cares." She scoffed at his ego. She may be cocky, but her ego was crushed by Zaire's.

    "He'll give up soon, surely." Jordan huffed out more smoke as she watched the boys run around the field. Then she felt hands snake around her waist. She shuffled back with a giggle, getting closer to him. They acted like a couple, except Jordan didn't kiss him in public. She didn't want people thinking Zaire was her boyfriend. Nevertheless, she put her hands on his and sighed, "Yeah, I put these on just to give you a boner." She spun around to face him, looking down with a smirk, "You should see my underwear." She whispered before turning around to the others. She didn't want to get too gross with him if the others had to watch. Before she could do anything else, Dustin finally joined the group.

    "Ew, you smell." Jordan cringed at him before turning to the boys, "Cam, Zaire, please tell me one of you has man perfume." She wriggled out of Zaire's grip and around the swingset, nearer to Erin. "Nasty." She cringed again at Dustin. Not like she could talk, her breath smelt like smoke.

    D U S T I N

    "RUDE!" Dustin shouted at Cameron as he flicked him off back. Before he could say anything else, his team were yelling at him. Quickly, he got into the game again. He saved many goals and began to think he should swap up midfielder to replace the goalie. He heard Zaire shout odd cheers at him. Dustin wondered if Zaire had told anyone. If any of his team found out about the fact Zaire was doing him, they wouldn't play with him again. In fact, getting in the changing room would be very hard.

    As the game finally finished, Dustin quickly collected his bags and jogged up to the swingset, sweating like a pig. "Thanks for waiting guys." He pulled up the bottom of his top to wipe his forehead, showing off his glistening chest before dropping the material again, "Oh fuck off." He snorted at Jordan, not thinking of a good comeback quick enough. He put his bag on his back as he slowly got his breath back. "So, are we all planning on sitting here and doing shit all day or are we doing something?" Dustin asked as he shook his head at Jordan, attempting to hide behind Erin. He gave Erin a sympathetic smile, like he was apologizing for Jordan being a dunce.

    Since the space was freed up, Dustin walked over to lean against the frame next to Zaire. He looked down at the guy and gave him a quick smile before looking over to Cameron, "So?" He asked. He wasn't directing his speech at anyone, but looked at Cameron as he spoke, amused by the fact he looked so smug. Cameron kinda looked like he was hiding a secret from you, which was kinda scary for Dustin.
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